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One hour topics or expanded workshops available for smaller in home groups as well as large community groups.

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PMS- Perfect Mom Syndrome!
Do you ever have those times when your “I must be a perfect mom” syndrome kicks in. Ya know, the “I shouldn’t have forgot Johnny’s lunch, or I shouldn’t have gotten short with Susie. There are ways to keep your PMS in check. Develop strategies to conquer the roller coaster of emotions and resist your desire to sit on the couch eating Bon-Bons, trying to escape these overwhelming moments. Discover how the unrealistic expectations we often have of ourselves to be “Wonder Woman” can actually hinder our performance. Learn how embracing your imperfections can empower you and help you realize that “Wonder Woman” ain’t got nuthin’ on you!

Children…Sell ‘em or Keep ‘em?
Let’s face it. As parents we have all had frustrating moments. Whether it is a screaming kicking child in the middle of the grocery store, your toddler scribbling on the walls with permanent marker, or perhaps you find 2 racecars and your toothbrush in the toilet. During these moments the outrageous thought may cross your mind, “Hmmmm, how much could I get for you on Ebay? Take it from my experience, “not enough.” So let me encourage you to post pone the sale long enough to gather some key points on, how to, calm the atmosphere in the home, stop a tantrum, and view your aspiring Picasso’s art on your walls as priceless.

 “You are Grounded for LIFE!”
Parenting can be tough. Sometimes it seems as if we will have to permanently ground our children just to get them through graduation. I invite you to learn the difference between a punishment and a consequence and why one is more effective than the other. Also discover the most powerful motivator that will help you be a positive influence on your child while teaching them to self govern and experience the satisfaction of making responsible choices.

Till Death Do Us Part… Really?
So you are married, the honeymoon is over and 3 kids later you are asking yourself, “Just how long is a lifetime?” Take a moment and discover how your perception of yourself is affecting your perception of your spouse and your relationship. Take home some great communication tips that are sure to help you and your spouse make a lifetime not long enough.

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