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Value Based Life Coaching

Empower yourself and experience true success in your life. Value Based Life Coaching is a coaching system that will help you reach your goals by identifying your core values, creating an action plan with a time line, setting healthy boundaries and being accountable for taking action.

Oftentimes the biggest obstacle to your success is your own perception. By tapping into the expertise of a trusted coach, you benefit from a fresh perspective, encouragement from someone who understands your potential, and being accountable for your actions. Through consistent action and accountability, you will excel toward your goals and experience the joy of success in your career, relationships and any other area you choose to improve.

Personal sessions may be set up by the 1/2 hour or the hour. You and your coach will tailor a schedule to meet depending on your personal needs.

Why Have a Life Coach?

Imagine you are playing baseball, and you hit a ball out over the center fielders head. You have rounded second base and are coming up to third and you look at your base coach to see if he is giving you the waving arms saying “go home, go home!” Sometimes you need someone who doesn’t reside in the neighborhood of YOUR mind to help you sort things out, move forward and continue progressing as a human being. Often times the only obstacle in your way is you and how you perceive yourself. A coach can help you to see what holds you back and then wave their arms and say “go home, go home!”


Unnecessary Emotional Pain

If you could remove unnecessary pain from your life would you? So many times we are challenged with feelings of hopelessness and despair, unable to see ourselves in a positive way. Often we have a hard time finding value in who we see looking back at us in the mirror. If we took the time to see ourselves for who we are, we would see that we put more stock in what other people think than what is real. Unnecessary emotional pain is caused by allowing the world to affect our beliefs, about who we are or SHOULD be. This pain is something we can control and have the ability to change. When we become dependent on the world for definition and identity we lose our view of who we really are and consequently become full of doubt and fear. We have the power within ourselves to control unnecessary pain by choosing where we derive our value and where we put our focus.


About Jamie Lightner

Along with the support from my husband, who has been my best friend for over half my life now, I have been pursuing a degree in motherhood.  I have mastered many ways to change diapers.  these include, but are not limited to “the wiggling kid”, “The stand up change”, “and “the in the car while at a stop sign change”.  I can successfully cook a meal with a baby on the hip, while a 3-year-old is whining about how hungry he is, and still manage to prepare my 9 and 10-year-old for the debate team on the subject of “household chores”. My second major is in medicine.  I can now diagnose 7 shades of snot, easily judge how much blood warrants a trip to the emergency room, and I can man 4 kids with the stomach flu all at once. As a certified life coach for TurnignLeaf Wellness Center, I am passionate about helping people.  When I was first introduced to the TurningLeaf Seminars, they empowered me to step out of self doubt, accept my mistakes and move forward with confidence. i feel blessed to be able to pass on these powerful tools to others, allowing them to experience their full potential.





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 7 reviews
by Julie sanchez on Misguided Sisters
Four steps to confidence

My husband and I had the opportunity to take the 4 week course four steps to confidence. It was a great book and I enjoyed the opportunity to read the book and talk to Jamie. She helped us a lot. I highly reccomend Jamie to anyone. She gave us great insight on how to look at things differently and learn things about yourself you didn't know. Thank you Jamie so much.

by Lupe Sanchez on Misguided Sisters

I am a 2012 graduate of Lansing Teen Challenge. A one year program for men and women who suffer life controlling issues. When I graduated from the program I felt like something was missing. Don't get me wrong the program is a successful program. 86% successful. Anyway, her sister Jessica approached me in church and told me to get ahold of her sister because she felt like I needed to contact her. Make a long story short it was a blessing from God. The course was on coping skills and I tell you what that is what I was missing. Jamie showed me what I needed to work on in my life and that I do have a purpose in this world. The first day I met her she knew who I was and what I was feeling. The skills she has shown me have really helped me to look at myself and know that I am who I am. And I really do value who I am. Thank you Jamie. She is a wealth of knowledge the will help you stay on the strait path. God bless you.

by Alison Wade on Misguided Sisters
Great Resource!

Jamie came in to work with my 5th graders. They loved her and they loved the program! It really got them thinking about their lives and ways that they could immediately use the skills she was helping them with. I saw growth in my students and I could tell they really appreciated having someone come in that was genuinely interested in working with them and helping them learn how to express their needs and concerns in healthy ways. Learning helpful ways to deal with various issues going on in their lives was a valuable tool that I was so excited to be able to provide for them through Jamie. The information she shared was on their level and they enjoyed interacting with her. She was professional and personable. Jamie is a wealth of knowledge and great with kids as well!

by Megan Ottney on Misguided Sisters

I had the opportunity to participate in Life Coaching sessions with Jamie and go over the principles in the "Four Steps To Confidence" book. This was a great experience and step for me. During these sessions I was able to identify problem areas in my life as well as solutions to those barriers. Through attending these sessions I was given tools that I have since used daily. I appreciate Jamie's honesty and kind heart as well as her dedication to carrying out the concepts she teaches. I recommend attending a life coaching session or series with Jamie to anyone who is looking for an alternative to traditional counseling services, facing a difficult decision or is simply looking for ways to better themselves! An excellent resource for life!!

by Shannon Yennior on Misguided Sisters

I love Jamie's parenting workshops! She is hilarious and makes every mother caregiver feel like she isn't the ONLY one going through that particular parenting challenge. I love the fact that she teaches with REAL parenting experiences and HUMOR. Every time I read the misguided sisters parenting book that Jamie and her sister Jessica wrote I just can't help but start laughing. Because goodness knows you have to laugh to get through some of the everyday parenting dilemmas that you will encounter.

by Ryan Lum on Misguided Sisters

I have been very blessed to have met Jamie through a parenting class offered at my church. Her lessons are highly insightful and enlightening and the knowledge I have gained from them is valuable to my life today. Jamie was kind enough to give me invaluable advice and direction in a personal matter regarding my son that was truly encouraging and up lifting. Jamie is a person of great heart, understanding, and compassion. I recommend her counsel, guidance, and service to anyone who is looking to improve their lives and the lives of those around them. Thank you Jamie!

by Kate Mauntel on Misguided Sisters

Jamie really helped me through a rough spot with my daughter. We still have our issues, but when I remember to follow the advice she's given me we can work through anything. It can relate to almost any issue we're having. She originally helped me with an issue we were having getting dressed every morning. Her book written with her sister, Jessica, and her personal advice have been life changing! Thank you so much!

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  1. Alison Wade

    Jamie came in to work with my 5th graders. They loved her and they loved the program! It really got them thinking about their lives and ways that they could immediately use the skills she was helping them with. I saw growth and I could tell they really appreciated learning some ways to deal with issues going on in their lives. It was at their level and they enjoyed interacting with her. Jamie is a wealth of knowledge and great with kids as well!