Me in a nut shell

For the past 10 years I have been pursuing a degree in motherhood. I have mastered many ways to change diapers. These include, but are not limited to “The wiggling kid”, “The stand up change” and the “in the car while at a stop sign change”. I can successfully cook a meal with a baby on the hip, while a 3 yr old is whining about how hungry he is, and still manage to prepare my 9 and 10 year olds for the debate team with the subject of “chores”. My second major is in medicine. I can now diagnose 7 shades of snot, easily judge how much blood warrants a trip to the emergency room, and I can man 3 kids with the stomach flu all at once. Oh, yeah, and before all of that I did something else too. I think I worked in an office or something. Oh, well, those skills are useless now anyway.

As a life coach I believe we are all amazing human beings. We are all great spouses, great parents, and great friends. And the only thing that ever stands in our way from empowering our greatness is ourselves. My objective is to help people see who they are, step out of the self-doubt, and move forward, living each moment knowing they are amazing. I want to help them accept themselves embracing their mistakes knowing it is perfect, not to be perfect. And to realize as we accept our humanity, our greatness can’t help but shine.

Seriously, is frozen pizza that hard to make.

It was a regular Monday. Laundry to do! I also had other TurningLeaf work to catch up on. Bo laid down for his pretend nap and I was able to accomplish quite a bit. I picked the kids up from school and when we got home they all scattered to do their chores so they could have “free time”, and I stuck Bo in front of a movie hoping to get a little more computer work done. It is impossible to be on the computer while he is awake. The computer is like a magnet to his chubby little body and he just has to push the buttons. But all was calm while he was watching the Rescue Rangers and I was typing away.

And then I got the call AGAIN. It was my mom telling me Bo was at her house, AGAIN. So I thru the frozen pizza’s in the oven and ran across the yard to get Bo. I brought him back and my oven had shut off, I must of pushed the wrong button while setting the timer. So with pizza’s in the oven I started heating it again. I put Bo back in front of the movie, hoping to quick finish up. Then the smoke alarms went off, letting me know the pizza was done(those of you who have read my past posts know what I mean). I opened my oven to find two of the pizza’s were rather well done. Yeah, the bottoms were black. So I had to pop one more in. Fortunately, I had a spare. I mean seriously, the whole reason we were having frozen pizza was to be quick and easy. And do the smoke alarms have to go off EVERY time I make them.

So finally I salvaged dinner, and we headed to up the school to try the Insanity workout they are doing up there. All I can say is they picked a very appropriate name. It is absolutely insane!!!!! I thought I was going to die. Maybe I did die and I am having an out of body experience. No, if that was the case I don’t think I would feel my aching muscles. So if anyone is looking for a torturous workout come on up.

After sending my body through the gauntlet I was home with appointments and more work. Now I am almost done and looking forward to my bed and TV. Hope you all had a great day. I am sure if you are parents it was eventful as well.

I have to say this week Michael’s project is installing locks at the top of the door where Bo can’t reach. I wonder how long that will last.

First day of wrestling

An exciting day today!! My oldest boy wrestled his first wrestling match. I spent my first of many, I hope, days in a gym on the bleachers. A gym full off sweaty, stinky adolescent boys, some of which take any moment to show off their muscles when ever they can, so funny. I sat there in those bleachers for a total of four hours and my son wrestled for a total of 30 seconds, counting both his matches. He lost both matches and yet I was sooooo excited. I was already ready for the next meet. Bleacher butt here we come. I am just so proud of my boy. He was nervous and he is so new to wrestling he knew it would be tough, but he took on the challenge. He inspired me today. He knew he was going to take a beating, but he also knew he was going to have to start somewhere and was willing to take the risk to LEARN. He is excited about what he learned today and told me he plans on practicing those techniques this week.

Is it summer yet?

I got home today and I was grouching a bit. The snow had melted and it revealed A LOT. First I counted 10 piles of dog poo from the dog we don’t own but thinks it lives here. It is my mom’s dog and she is my neighbor, so yeah, along with our cat that my hubby finally talked me into, we also kinda have a dog, even though the only pet I wanted was a fish. Along with the poo were various toys that never got put away. Two squirt guns, a bat, two little tykes cars, two sleds from winter, a water balloon launcher, and a fisher price lawn mower. And if that is not enough Michael never put the hose away, and it is not even wrapped up, it is strewn about the yard. I like things in order. I like things to be in their place. Too bad I am the only one in my family who shares such feelings.

So, aside from my yard looking like an abandon day care I am loving the warm weather. I usually will take the mud in stride as long as it is warm enough to go out without a coat.!! I was definitely made for summer. So today I was vacuuming out my van while Bo played in the yard. The next thing I know he is in the sand box. So not only is the sand box muddy from the rain and melting snow, but the BIG bucket of sand toys is full of water and he is filling up his toys and dumping them out like it was 80 degrees. And then I notice he is not wearing his boots. His once white socks are vary brown. Being the responsible mom I am I figured no use in disrupting playtime now, it is to late to save the socks any way. He was happy and out of my hair!! So when he came in I asked him where his boots were. He said, “They are stuck!” and he pointed to the sandbox. Sure enough they were stuck in the mud. He had to pull his feet out to even walk. I couldn’t help but laugh.

Is my kid over there?!!!

Yeah, so last Sunday I was preparing my house for company. We all piled out of the van and each ran to do various tasks around the house. The one task I forgot to assign someone was “watching Bo”. At some point in time I called my mom to ask her for some eggs. She is my neighbor so it is easy to send one of my kids to what I call the closest store ever!!! Well she answered the phone and as I was asking her if she had eggs I heard her say, “Does Bo have chocolate all over his face.” Now I knew which one of my kids was covered in chocolate. It was Bo of course. What I didn’t understand is how she knew. I was like yeah, and then I here her say “hey buddy do you have chocolate all over your face?” “Oh my gosh, is my kid over there!” I exclaimed. “Yup” she said with a laugh. “Wow, well I am glad he didn’t decide to walk to the Dairy Kreme.” I said.

Yeah. Not my best parenting moment “again”. Thank God my neighbor isn’t crazy. Well, not any crazier than the rest of us in the family.

So sweet while they sleep

Every night before I turn out my own lights and fall asleep I slip into the kids room and check on them. Sometimes I just stare at them while they are sleeping. Looking at there calm serene faces I just let the crazy events of the day fade. They look so precious and so fragile. In these moments I feel so in awe of my maker. What little miracles I have sleeping so sweetly. I just love to here them breath. Not a care in the world they just lay fast asleep. It has been a long week. For those of you who have been reading, the test result for Bo’s rash came back and we found out he had MRSA. Fortunately it was the community kind, which is more responsive to antibiotics, and the one the doctor prescribed worked, however the mental stress of it all was exhausting. So especially after weeks like last week I find myself just soaking up these quiet moments when they are so peaceful.

So no crazy stories today, just resting and thankful that all is well.

And then they grew up

I remember when Josh was just a baby thinking he would never be in Kindergarten, and now he is in fifth grade. Sometimes my life is so tied up in my two year old I have to stop and take a moment to realize how grown up my others are getting. Josh and Kate had their DI competition today and they had to do an improv skit. Their whole team did great. It was so cool for me to watch both of my kids plow through nerves and put on a good show. My daughter, for those who have read about her “drama” did put all that flare to good use. I do believe your greatest weakness is also your greatest strength. Later that night they were telling me about their awards and I just looked at them and soaked up the moment. They seemed so grown up. I am so proud of them and I just hope I soak up every moment I can. It is going by faster than I ever thought it would! I am sure most of you would agree. From getting up in the night to crayons on the walls sometimes it feels as though they will never grow up…. and then one day you look at them and realize they have been growing up the whole time.

Thank God for ice cream!

Well this will be short cause I just can’t wait to climb under my electric blanket at watch TV. Bo is recovering. He is on an antibiotic. Yesterday I spent most of the day next to him watching cartoons. He was too uncomfortable to walk. But today the antibiotic was obviously working cause he was back to his busy self. The day went pretty good just a little chaos in the end when I was trying to clean the house of course. I was mopping my floor when Bo decided to go outside in his footy pajamas with no shoes. Then later he was coughing (yeah, on top of everything else he has a cold), while coughing he gagged and through up on my couch. Yuck. Then not missing a beat he and Ayden (his 1 year old cousin) took all the pillows of my couch so they were scattered all over the floor. I soon realized trying to clean the house was just not worth it.

So I cleaned up dinner and gave him a bath and put on his clean PJ’s. And as soon as Michael and Jake walked through the door Jess and I ditched them all and went up to the dairy crème to get flurries with chocolate ice crème, stuffed with reeces peanut butter cups. Cause nothing like a good Flurry after a long week! Funny thing is 2 days ago I was laughing at all the people in line for ice cream with the snow all around, and now it was me!!!!

Well, that about raps it up. I am glad my boy is on the mend, and I am very thankful for ice cream too!!!!!!

A trip to the doctor, what fun.

What a day. My poor baby has some sort of skin rash and I had to take him to the doctor. I am sure any parent can totally relate to how enthused I was about taking my 2 year old to the germ infested waiting room where I would have to spend all of my energy trying to keep him occupied while trying to put out of my mind the little green gremlin in my brain screaming, “eewww, germs!” every time he touched something else. And then on to the back room, a whole new set of germs, cause face it I hardly think he is going to contain himself to the little isle of paper on the table/bed, whatever they call it. I call it that table that is just one more thing for me to yell at my kids about while waiting, “stop pushing the buttons, leave the table where it is at, stop playing with the paper, don’t lick the paper, don’t sit under the paper etc.” I am sure there are more; just thinking about it again has made me to exhausted to recall everything. Today when the doc walked in the paper was torn into at least 4 pieces and scattered on the floor. But hey I was just happy I got him to quit playing the with “hazardous trash cupboard”. Oh yeah and ya gotta love that spinney chair, especially if you have more than one kid in the room. The range of games they come up with. We have the obvious take turns spinning each other, but my favorite is “hey, lets see how fast we can go and crash into the wall. Finally, after what seems an eternity and I am about to commit myself to the mental institute if I have to be boxed in with the toddlers any longer, the doc arrives.

This is where the real stress kicks in. My poor baby is in a lot of pain from his rash. It hurt just to barely touch it. Well I had to hold him down so the doc could get a culture done. Poor thing. It just drained the life right out of me. I just hate to see them suffer.

Finally after 2 hours the trip was over and we were headed to pick up the antibiotic.

What I found endearing about today was when it was all over and he was lying in my arms nothing else in the world mattered. I didn’t care that he through paper all over the doctors room, I didn’t care that he makes 50 million messes a day, I didn’t care about the play dough in the carpet or the crayon on the walls. All I cared is that he was going to be ok and that his chubby little face was in my lap. And I think to myself, it is all worth it. All worth it to have the privilege to love someone so precious.

Where is the silver lining.

Silver lining, silver lining, sliver lining. OK so any of you who have read, “why I write” at the top of my blog knows what I mean by silver lining. I just keep saying it to myself to somehow convince myself to find it for today. It has just been one of those days.
I woke up with a cold accompanied by a headache. Fortunately I was able to convince Bo to watch cartoons for a while so I could take some painkiller and lay down longer.
The rest of the afternoon mostly consisted of laundry and cleaning, a typical Monday. The time came to pick up the kids and I headed to the garage and saw our cat in the front window. At that moment Michael’s words from this morning came back to me, “have you seen the cat, I couldn’t find him last night or this morning, is he in the house somewhere?” Well, I found him and was scared to open the door. Sure enough I opened the door and the odor of cat pee hit me in the face. Oh my Gosh, the pet that I didn’t really want, cause I didn’t want something else to clean up after took a leak in my van. Not my happiest moment. I called my husband leaving such a cheerful message using all my polite words as you can imagine. He called me back and said he found the van door open last night and shut it before he went to bed. He didn’t know the cat was in there. When I picked the kids up I told them when Dad got home they would need to clean the van out with him. There comment was “why do WE have to clean up after the cat.” I told them cause it was their pet. They saw fit to respond with “well he is your cat too you should have to help.” Yeah, I probably should have waited until the steam quit blowing out my ears to respond. It could have been a better parenting moment. Nope, instead I said, “ I never wanted the cat because when it came to cleaning up its messes, I figured the kids would complain about it. So if you really don’t want to clean it up let me know I will give the cat away tomorrow.”
So they cleaned it out and sprayed it down with odorban. It is now airing out in the garage. We made sure the cat was locked out tonight. I am hoping it works. So maybe someday I will laugh at this moment, but not today. We will see how it looks tomorrow.