About the Authors

Jamie Lightner married her high school sweetheart and is blessed with four amazing children who have provided her with plenty of source material for her many adventures in motherhood. She began writing twelve years ago to find the “funny” in “spilt milk” because, when you have kids, messes of all kinds are just part of life. Jamie is also a life coach through TurningLeaf Wellness Center and has a passion for helping others believe in who they are and truly enjoy the many adventures of life.

Jessica Warren was set up on a blind date 1500 miles from her small Michigan hometown and she was crazy enough to go! After falling madly in love in Colorado, she dragged her husband-to-be back to Michigan, where they married and started their own adventures in parenting. There is never a dull day with her two beautiful towheads. While she helps her older son through his first year of school, she is walking her youngest through chemo in a fight against a brain tumor. Through it all, she sees God’s blessing and is thankful for all that she’s been given.

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