About Jamie

In short my motherhood was where I began. I am a mother to 4 children and married to my best friend. My hubby was also my high school sweetheart, so we have been together a very long time.

I have a life coaching certification from TurningLeaf Wellness Center and a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Spring Arbor University. For more details on my qualifications, read below.

Jamie’s Qualifications in detail sprinkled with some humor.

My first major is in Motherhood: I have mastered many ways to change diapers. These include, but are not limited to “The wiggling kid”, “The stand up change” and the “in the car while at a stop sign change.” I can successfully cook a meal with a baby on the hip, while a 3 yr old is whining about how hungry he is, and still manage to prepare my 9 and 10 year olds for the debate team with the subject of “chores”. I am more recently trained in “shoving the baby birds out of the nest.” Ok, maybe not quite as dramatic or as young as the mama bird, but learning to navigate adult children has been the toughest exam yet.

My second major is in Medicine: I can now diagnose 7 shades of snot, easily judge how much blood warrants a trip to the emergency room, and I can man 3 kids with the stomach flu all at once.

Certified Life Coach: I completed my life coaching certification with TurningLeaf Wellness Center  November, 2020.  I was compelled to begin this journey after attending TurningLeaf’s emotional growth seminars. As a life coach I believe we are all amazing human beings.  We are all great spouses, great parents, and great friends.  And the only thing that ever stands in our way from empowering our greatness is ourselves.  My objective is to help people see who they are, step out of the self-doubt, and move forward, living each moment knowing they are amazing.  I want to help them accept themselves embracing their mistakes knowing it is perfect, not to be perfect.  And to realize as we accept our humanity, our greatness can’t help but shine.

Bachelors in Social Work: As a 37-year-old wife, mother and life coach I decided to finish my bachelor’s. Before motherhood took me down a different path, I began college with the intention to be a choir teacher. After working falling in love with my work as a life coach I decided to finish up that degree in Social Work.

“When I can’t create the “Perfect” magical moments,
I can let the moments be “Perfectly Magical.”
~Jamie E. Lightner