Four Steps to Confidence

Do you ever find yourself struggling with too many
commitments or maybe procrastination is your vice? Would
you like to take those leaps that you aspire for, or perhaps you
would simply like to feel good and have peace of mind? This
series gives you the tools to grow your strengths, let go of self
doubt, and be exactly who YOU want to be.

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by Annie O on Misguided Sisters
What I didn't know I needed

I'm an athlete, I live a nomadic lifestyle, love to travel and until this summer I couldn't figure out why my athletic career wasn't clicking like it should have. I decided I needed a big change in my everyday life so I could successfully accomplish the goals I have my sights set on. After my first meeting with Jamie, we decided that reading "Four Steps to Confidence" would be the best way to start creating the new path I wanted to take, to become emotionally independent and confident in all aspects of my life. The book is amazing, and I was surprised at how much of it I could relate to parts of my everyday life. Originally, I wasn't sure what the book could help me with, but once you start reading it and realizing how you handle certain situations and going over each chapter with Jamie and talking things out it makes it easier to understand how this book can help lead you in the right direction. Each chapter helps you feel more prepared to address or change certain things you want to and to spark that confidence you need in order to make the bigger changes. I am a completely different person in a good way since reading the book and after the 4 sessions. I couldn't be happier and feel like a massive weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.

by Erin Losee on Misguided Sisters

As a busy mom of 3 young kids I don't get much time to myself. I had been ignoring my own personally needs, maybe even avoiding them, my lack of self confidence included. I wasn't happy with myself, but didn't know what to do about it and thought I just don't have time to think about myself. So when the opportunity to read "Four Step To Confidence" by Dean Nixon and Richard Moody and the chance to meet with Jamie Lightner weekly fell before me I thought maybe this is what I need. Maybe I should gather up what little me time I could and work on myself. And I'm glad I did!This book mixed with weekly one on ones with Jamie was a great way to reflect on myself and who I wanted to be. This book is broken down into four manageable and practical steps, each with questions and exercises to help you apply what you read to YOUR life. And having Jamie helping me to open up, dig a little deeper and set goals was essential. Just having her there to listen was freeing. I'm not saying "Four Steps To Confidence" is a quick fix, Shabam! You now have confidence, but it gets the ball rolling. This book gets you thinking about why you struggle, teaches you to take healthy risks, and empowers you to be in charge of your self confidence. I can truly say I feel more whole, strong, and in control of my own attitude and contentment. I'm very glad I decided to take some time away from my busy life to work on me.

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