Your imagination…where is it taking You?

As a child we believe and dream.  White knights, trolls, fairies, hot lava, magical powers, rainbows made of skittles, the impossible is possible.  Where is that turning point when we leave behind the belief of a child and ground ourselves in what we call “reality” in adulthood?  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all bad. Sometimes that dose of reality is needed when trying to convince the kid that there is no such thing as the monster under the bed, and that it’s just their imagination. I find it intriguing that for years we work so hard to snuff out the fear of something that isn’t real so the kid can get some sleep. Yet, as an adult it seems as if the monsters become real, while the rainbows made of skittles fade into childhood.

As kids we don’t understand the grown-ups and as the grown-ups we just shake our head, justifying that OUR monsters are real, OUR stress is justified and OUR roadblocks, well, sometimes they are insurmountable. Yet, I can’t help but notice the same message keeps persisting throughout the decades.  It shows up in movies and memes, even commercials are utilizing this theme to make their product seem more appealing. I am not exactly sure what to label this theme, it probably depends on the person, but this recurring message has elements that include: dreaming, believing in the magic, believing in the impossible, imagination, you can even call it faith.  No matter what, the common message rings true and that is, to create beyond our limits, to dream outside of what people deem “status quo”, to listen to that little kid inside us all that somehow knows more than an adult, and that there is no such thing as impossible. While the minute hand keeps ticking us into adulthood and reality somewhere inside us all, this message of possibility endures.

I believe this message lives within all our hearts and continues to persist and show up in our movies, memes, articles, and pretty much everywhere, just hoping one day we will understand its magnitude.  The problem is, as human beings, oftentimes, we do not see our true value and power within. We are constantly looking outside ourselves for validation. We look to success, accomplishment, heroism and most of all, we look to other humans to define our worth.  So naturally we try to capture that childlike imagination to achieve all that we can, but imagination powered by the monster under the bed (aka: our need for external validation) will just create more monsters. It can be a mental war. Sometimes, that desire for external value decorates itself in philanthropy, servanthood, and the greater good.  So for a moment it seems like you are letting go of the external world only to find out you have found the secret path through the back gate.

When we dream beyond our limits to prove we are of worth, it doesn’t hold nearly the power or the magic as when we dream beyond our limits because we see our true light, we value our light, and we desire to share our light with the world. That, my friends, is where the impossible becomes possible.  Truly seeing beyond our limits we know our value, and believe in our uniqueness and power within. The more we choose to see and focus on our light,  the monsters will fade. Then we can use our imagination to create those rainbows made of skittles. We can use our imagination to dream when we believe we are worth it, when we believe humanity is worth it and when we believe our creator has given us the gifts to do more than meets the eye.

What if we could be grounded in reality just enough to stay present? What if we were adult enough to use our gifts, but just enough “kid” to have childlike faith in what those gifts are? Faith enough to believe in our value and worth.  Faith enough to know that just by being placed on this earth we were meant to be creators and do amazing things.

We giggle in admiration at the little ones jumping from pillow to pillow on the floor to avoid the hot lava.  Some of us still have that faint memory of what the hot lava looked like as a kid. Take a second and remember when your imagination was also powered by hope. What “monsters” of fear and doubt do you want to let go of?  What rainbows do you want to believe in and create?