I Got This…After I Throw My Fit.

As I re-read the blog scheduled to post in Girl I Got You last night, for this“Enjoy the Ride” Focus, I was conflicted. “Enjoy the ride”, seriously! What kind of mumbo jumbo are we feeding everyone? The blog talked about how maybe life’s purpose is to simply enjoy life.  Ugh! Hello! What planet are you on Jamie? Life is upside down right now. People are at a standstill, hanging in the balance in their jobs, homes, businesses, and schooling. And yet there I was getting ready to post an inspirational writing on “loving life”. How in the heck are we really supposed to do that right now? How can I look around and see all that’s happening and simply say, “Hey, enjoy the ride?” So I said to myself, “Jamie, don’t go and post something you don’t even feel in this moment.”  I have seen some great responses on Facebook, and I am grateful for those who aren’t kicking and screaming but rather being creative and crafty. I especially love all the encouragement I am seeing online as well. Keep it up!! We all need it! But, to be quite honest, I had to have my Bruce Almighty in the bed moment, or two… ok 4.



(So I didn’t post my “pre scheduled blog last night…. so I could throw my fit and process some fears, expectations and emotions.)  Today, I hope I finish with something more evolved. Probably haven’t reached the Mary Poppins stage yet, but I’d settle for…Claire Dunphy.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jif3beMEJsY


Today I want to say, it is ok to have the “Bruce Almighty in the Bed” moments (ok let’s be honest sometimes the moments become days. lol) And especially right now I feel like we are dealing with not only our fear, but our expectations about what our life should or shouldn’t be and how we should or shouldn’t be processing all this. As if “normal” life didn’t have it’s challenges, I think we are all taking the Advanced Placement course in “Managing Fear and Expectations”.  Hmmmm, I’d like that added to my list of credentials, please… well, provided I pass. Lol But what I am saying is, Have your Bruce Almighty fit and then put your bootstraps on and choose a focus that keeps you moving forward.
So after I had my moment, then put my own bootstraps on, this is what  I choose to focus on that keeps me moving forward:

* First- In the midst of everything, there is LOVE to be seen.  If I can look past the fear and disaster in this world, if I can look past the fear in my own heart… there is always Love to be found and felt. I want to focus on the LOVE that is there in the midst of it all.

*Second-There is a power, a life force, if you will, greater than me and greater than anything in this world.  I don’t care what you call it or what I call it, I feel like fighting over who named it right is a waste of time.  But I do know that this life force inhabits all of humanity, whether they see it or not. I believe this life force is love itself and it connects all the hearts of humanity.  I want to focus on how we are connected rather than how we might be divided giving fear no place to hide as our true light will shine.

*Third-I choose to focus on the fact that up to this point, even when I thought I wouldn’t, I have made it through. Sometimes I am sad or angry, and sometimes I just want to give up,  but I keep putting one foot in front of the other even through those trying times, choosing to know that although I don’t understand, I know I will.

So yeah, some days I want to say, “Screw the dumb ride!”  I let myself throw my fit and then I wipe away my tears, let go of my expectations and choose to focus beyond fear, not run from fear, but see beyond the fear to the true connection of love and life within us all.

I love that quote by Mr. Rogers people are talking about. “Look for the Helpers.” So beautiful and so true. It’s ok to feel afraid but take the time also to step back from the fear and focus on the LOVE. See what you find and share it, we can all help each other with that Focus!



PS- Just because you put your bootstraps on doesn’t mean you won’t have anymore “Bruce Almighty Bed” moments.  Give yourself permission to be human!  Have the moments and then refocus again…and again…and again.  And remember to reach out to others for a hand to help you up.  Reach out to family, friends, or even your Life Coach 😉


Jamie E. Lightner

Value Based Life Coach