Stepping on Legos with my bare feet…

Upon graduating I decided to take December off to enjoy my family that I kinda put on hold for the last 3 years.  I started making dinner again…wow, when you cook, you are in the kitchen a LOT!!! (This last year of college and work, I had Stouffer’s, Little Caesars, and KFC filling as the main chef.)

After a wonderful break I am excited to get back to it.  What’s “it” you might ask? Well, first of all I am looking forward to having my taxi shift back, ya know, taking kids to practice, going home to retrieve the forgotten water bottle, returning to the school once again to pick them up, forgetting to pick them up, the coach calls, and it’s a mad dash to my car again.

But when I’m not unintentionally abandoning my children, I am working to build more Life Coaching clientele. During my crazy college years (take 2,) I pretty much quit marketing my business all together. Truthfully I don’t miss marketing, never much cared for it.  But it is part of the business… that is if you like your business and you want to keep it.

In a recent conversation with fellow business owners, I was expressing my distaste for marketing…well distaste is an understatement, more like my absolute hatred of marketing and how I would rather step on legos while barefoot in the middle of the night. But this wise group of  courageous women said, “You need to change your perspective. Just tell your story so people who can relate know where to find you.”

Hmmmm.” I thought to myself.  I am a writer… I could just tell my story.

My name is Jamie Lightner, I am a Life Coach, and I absolutely love my job!

“Why?” Well, because it is NOT like stepping on legos barefoot.  Rather it is like sunshine through a window… maybe that’s a little too dramatic…let’s just say it’s like going to coffee with a friend and feeling better afterwards. I never tire of watching my clients leave my office lighter, brighter and full of hope. And it’s not just the caffeine, some of them don’t even drink the coffee.

“What do I do?”  Well, I am mostly a facilitator. You see, I believe we all have the answers we need for ourselves within our very own hearts.  The problem is our thoughts and fears tend to be so loud it is hard to hear. I am grateful for some tools I have learned that allow you to, first of all, eliminate “unnecessary” pain and discomfort  (fear, what if, resentment,offense, or anxiety) while also helping you to work through adversities (teenagers, relationships, or hard knocks) in a way that promotes a positive self concept.  I have a pile of useful coping skills to help manage anxiety and adversity, and to allow growth in a relationship (rather than see who strangles the other first).

“How did I decide to become a Life Coach?”  Well, it definitely isn’t because I think I know everything. And depending on how well I am doing with my self-talk,  a voice in my head wonders if I really should be a Life Coach anyway, and then another voice encourages me and says, you don’t have to be perfect to help others, and then a third voice chimes in with, well, you can be passive aggressive with your hubby, you yelled at 2 of your kids just yesterday and your youngest kid wore his clothes backwards and inside out till 6th grade. I mean seriously, who do you think you are?

Ok, I now realize showing you all the voices in my head is probably not the best way to market myself as a Life Coach.  In a nutshell (because I feel I am rambling and I know you all have busy lives or perhaps a really good Netflix series to watch) about 9 years ago I experienced one of the lowest points in my life.  I was presented with an opportunity to attend TurningLeaf Seminar where I began learning the tools I now teach and gained a new perspective on myself.  I realized although it seemed life had beat me down, I was in fact my worst enemy.  I began to look at my adversities differently and I took back my life. (That is the short version, but I am always happy to share more with anyone who asks.)

So if you have made it this far in my story you have realized I love humor (admittedly corny humor).  I like to say, “no wrinkles and grey for me, I will take the laugh lines and silver lining instead.” I love to find laughter in whatever I can, I figure…why not?! Laughter is great medicine!  Below you will find a couple links containing my materials that tell you more about me and what I do as a Life Coach. Please, if you could share this post electronically, verbally or maybe telepathically(I’m really not picky lol) I would greatly appreciate it!!!!  That way maybe my marketing won’t be like stepping on legos with my bare feet. lol


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