She believed she could, so she did…yup! She did!!!

Just when I thought I would never finish… I did!  I have had this picture saved to the desktop of my computer for almost three years.  Now that my graduation is only 2 weeks away, I feel so sappy and reminiscent, much like the end of a Hallmark movie.  Ya know, when the music is playing and the couple is kissing.  Oh yeah! Full on sappy moment!

My senior year of high school people asked me, what do you want to be when you grow up, my response was, “I am going to school to be a choir teacher, but I really want to be a MOM.” I’ll admit, I was much more confident in that statement before the sleepless nights, potty training, spilt milk, and cranky teenagers.  However, although I knew more about raising kids before I had kids than I did after, I wouldn’t change a thing.  After I graduated high school I spent a year in college living on compass.  Had to cross dorm life off my bucket list, and then married my high school sweet heart.  Five months after the wedding bells, I got the flu that lasted 3 months!  I still remember throwing up in the woman’s bathroom right before I took my conducting exam.   Walked out of school that day and for the next 9 months I enjoyed the greatest restaurant service ever (When you are pregnant they get ya whatever you want… and fast).

The last 19 years of motherhood have been the best thing that ever happened to me.  I do find it interesting to look at the twist and turns life has taken.  Although eight years ago it was more important to me to complete my Life Coaching certification, I always knew that someday I wanted to finish college…and I did.  Throughout these past 2½ years, there were definitely moments I was sure my brain was going to turn into soup and drip right out of my ears.  And as the grueling work comes to an end I could walk the red carpet and give a thank you speech to so many that I am sure the music would start playing before I was through.

A letter my kids wrote to me after I passed a clep test I had been studying for all day for 2 weeks straight. I about lost my mind.


Now that I am finished I have been taking some time to soak up my kids!  I look forward to more Life Coaching and am excited to get back to blogging.  I have been working on a few, getting them ready to post!  I find it especially exciting to write for pleasure again, rather than for a report!

Many adventures to come, I will write about them in future blogs.  Also, if you have any subjects you would like to see what falls out of my brain and onto the page, feel free to send me ideas…it could be fun!!!