Notice Anything Wrong with This Picture?

“Bo.  Go grab your jersey for tonight.” I said as I got myself together to walk out the door.  I had some evening clients and I was doing my best to make my reflection in the mirror not look as though I had already put in an 8 hour day.  Bo was ready for basketball in seconds… he loves it, and never lolligags when it’s time for practice or a game…too bad I can’t get the same enthusiasm for cleaning his room.

Ten minutes later, I dropped Bo to practice and off to work I went.

After work I caught up on the group texts for the basketball team.   They were sharing the team picture and the line under the last set of pictures read…

“The last four are the team with Bo ‘not’ in an Olivet Jersey.”

Oh as soon as I saw it I laughed right out loud.  You see, at the beginning of the season there was a misprint.  Needless to say all the boys have jerseys that say Olivet.  So when Bo grabbed his Jersey in a rush he ran out with the wrong one.

This part of the story alone, I am sure comes as no surprise to anyone who knows my family.  I will openly admit, my kids get it from me.   However, the story doesn’t end there.  When the coach snagged a jersey from one of the boys on the other Springport team so they could get the picture with the right name on ALL the jerseys, Bo looked up at the coach, and with all sincerity said… “But coach, that is not my number…. How can I where that?” hahahaha  Seriously, he was concerned!!!

I have been laughing about this for days.  That kid cracks me up.   As I put this blog together I found myself remembering, my very first blog was about this kid, and here he is still supplying me with entertainment.  I sure do love the smile he puts on my face.  And I especially love the way her marches to the beat of his own drum.  He will make an amazing impression on this world someday… I am quite sure of it.