Super Z Update

Super Z update

I first off want to apologize for how LONG it has been since I last wrote.   He has been doing great on the chemo pills!!  He takes one morning and night and no nausea as of now and its been 3 months!!  In fact, no side effects as of now except for the multiplying of warts.  OYE….as if those things weren’t hard enough to get rid of in general.  But I’ll take warts over sickness ANYDAY!!  Of course he is a champ!!  He has been juggling school, therapy, doctors appointments, chiropractor appointments.  I gotta say for being as young as he is I’m just super proud of the fact that he LOVES therapy, LOVES school and only complains now days when an MRI is coming or when he has to get a poke.  And for this Mama, I can handle that.  We do go back for an MRI today October 2nd and get results on the 5th.  I do feel differently handling it this time around.  I don’t feel as crazy and I find myself making moments count.  Playing games, digging in the sand, counting his post it’s, reading books, crafting more and just having those quality moments together.  Sometimes I do find myself thinking of the tumor being on his brain stem and the what if’s invade the quiet peaceful places in my mind.   And when they do I feel like I need someone to rush in with the paddles and revive me back to this reality, but… I work through them as best I can and move on.  I wouldn’t be able to enjoy these moments very well breathing into a paper bag 😉 He’s such a neat kid, his imagination is awe inspiring.  And his personality is just adorable to watch unfold.  And concentrating on that sounds a lot better than trying to figure out if the chemo is going to work or what the plan of action will be if it doesn’t or all the other haunting what if’s.

He LOVES his teacher Mrs. Halstead and LOVES his aid Mrs. Kenton!  I feel they are so good at working together and understanding of what Zayne needs!!  And some of the stories I hear…my boy gets so spoiled by such amazing people!!  I really couldn’t ask for more support up at the school for my boys!!  There are so many loving and watchful eyes on them J Makes it that much easier letting them branch out.

Ayden is doing great as well!!  He is rocking out school and playing football.  Never thought I would say I’m a football mom 😀  But low and behold he likes it.  Jake is actually helping coach and seeing them out there together on Saturday mornings has been a blessing.  There is something magical about watching my husband teach our boys!! Nothing like it!!

And on top of all that we have started the process of building our house!!  Our basement is in and framing will start soon!! AHHHHH!!!!!  I still can’t believe it!  The ways we have been blessed by people is just unending.  Blessed so much that thank you doesn’t seem to cover it.  Jake and I plan to pay it forward and hopefully bless others as we have been!!

Thankyou all!!