A NEW Dynamic Duo

So my last post, “A Conversation Between Me and God“, was a bit on the dark side.  I painted the picture of what happens when I let my fear and my imagination play together.  It’s certainly not pretty.  In the Four Steps to Confidence coaching series, one of the pieces  I on work with clients, is putting boundaries on their thoughts and imagination.  Well, just like anyone else, I have to constantly practice enforcing the boundaries on my thoughts too.  Lately it has been more of a challenge than usual.  After Zayne’s last brain surgery I found myself allowing my fear to run rampant and my last blog was a snip it of what that looks like at times.

However, today, I am writing about some new employment for my imagination.  Rather than allowing my fear to continue to call the shots, I am learning to power my imagination with hope and faith.  Shortly after that conversation I had with God in my last blog, I found myself asking the question, why not send my kids some angels?  And seeing that I couldn’t find a reason not to, I put my imagination to work with my faith, even though sometimes it is only a mustard seed.  Fortunatly, I heard a story once that said that is enough 😉

So  I sent 2 angels to accompany my kids through life.  These angels walk just a step behind each of my kids, one at their right and one at their left.   Even though their wings are not outstretched, I can tell they will be massive when needed. I can see their strength in their weight as they hang from each angel who still so effortlessly carries them. The very top crest of their wings towering just above my children’s heads.   Each angel carries themselves differently based on each kid’s personality.  Josh’s are each strong, wise and protective. They offer protection and guidance when he needs it.  One of Kate’s is much like a body guard, tall and stoic, while the other is more like a sister. She is there for comradery.  Her wings are ever so delicately shimmered in color reminding me much of Kate’s personality when she was four years old.  I figured this would be good since she has all brothers.  😉  Timmy’s and Bo’s angels are protective as well, but they have a little bit of that childlike playfulness to them, giving them a bit of a skip in their step when they need it.

So now when fear’s boney grip tries to pry it’s way into the crevasses of my thoughts, well I take a moment to breath and imagine these protectors with each of my kids.  I told my kids of their personal guards, so when times get tough and I am not right there, they know they have someone to lean on.

Now I am not writing this to say that I am right, or tell you how to have faith.  Frankly your spiritual life is between you and your maker.  I am just sharing with you a piece of my faith experience that has helped me, in hopes that you would be encouraged to enforce some boundaries on your own fear.  And if you need any help you know where to find me.  (just to let a little secret out, the 4 steps to confidence be at a special sale price this fall, watch for more info on my Facebook Page.)  Till then…imagine great things for the remainder of the summer!