Super Z Update!!!

I know It’s been a while since I’ve posted and my life has somewhat of a natural rhythm back,  I think I’ll dive back in!

Zayne started Physical and Occupational therapy , lots of issues trying to get in but finally after the evaluations, we were able to start!! And as much as we STILL miss Jody from ALIVE I am confident we are in good hands.  Particularly the occupational therapist.  She said some very interesting things during our evaluation.  One of the things she said was “Don’t ever let the doctors get in your head about what he can and cannot do.  I have been studying the brain and if a normal pathway is damaged  the brain will literally create a new one,  not only with his left hand but with his eye sight.   I am a true believer in miracles and I believe what you put your mind to, you will accomplish!  The brain is a magical thing!”  I sat there staring at her.   I could almost see specks of pixie dust light up her cheeks and her smile was real and sincere.  She was super comfortable with Zayne and seemed excited to be working with him.  I felt more hope coming out of her than I had felt in anyone.  She was confident and seemed to radiate light as she worked with him.  I felt we had found the Tinker Bell of the therapists J  And the more we work with her the more I am convinced she is!! She’s tough but fun!  She pushes him not only physically but mentally.  If his hand won’t respond to letting go of a toy she will rub down his arm and say “Just think  RELAX….I just want you to tell your brain to relax that hand” in a soft voice.  She is teaching him not only to be a go getter but also to take a breath when it’s needed.  When he gets frustrated she makes him do 1 more to PROVE to him he can and then she moves onto something fun!  She was also very aware of his eye sight issues.  My son is so amazing at compensating that a lot of times people will forget he really can’t see much.  I never once had to remind her that he needed things blown up or need to be up close!!  I truly felt blessed sitting there watching her push him and encourage him all at the same time.  She believes in my son.  You could feel it oozing off of her!!  And everything she said about miracles and KNOWING the brain is more powerful than we give it credit for…do I want someone like that working with my son?  Yes!!!  YES I DO!!!!  I don’t think there is enough of that in this world.  And I am excited to see what he can do under her care!  She has us going out there 3 times a week and I am excited about that!!  We are also taking him to a special Chiropractor in Ann Arbor that helps re-align the c-spine to open up pinched nerves!! And we have already seen AMAZING results in his hand!!!  Slow but capable!! And his Braille is going phenomenal!!!  Laura (His Braille teacher) tells me often how ahead he is for his age!!  She said he is a very quick learner and is excited for how far he’s come!   I feel like things are coming together!  Ayden is simply doing awesome in school and LOVING it!!!  When your kid comes home from a long day at school and says “BEST…DAY…EVER mom!”  I’m pretty sure Mrs. Halstead is doing some pretty amazing things!!!  We are also looking to dig a hole next month for our house!!! Our family could not be more blessed!!   Don’t get me wrong we all have our days of looking up and screaming WHY but every time I feel life is crazy or I get down because Zayne has a whole new path to learn, I remember how amazing my life really is!!  I have 2 beautiful boys that are good kids and are learning so much about themselves!!  Not to mention I have amazing friends and family that when I do break down and lose my mind they are there to pick me up or DEMAND I get dressed and go to lunch 😀

Life really is good!  And there are blessings all around us every day!! I find when I’m having a bad day it helps to look at the super small things and just say thankyou for them.  The other day I smelled the dirt coming off the field the farmer was plowing and I had to smile.  I’m thankful for the smell of dirt!!  It means warm days ahead, beautiful sunshine, vibrant flowers and yummy veggies!!!    And tomorrow I may wake up and not want to get out from under the covers and I may want to puke at the blog I just posted, but today….today is a good day 🙂