Wear the white skirt!

My sister and I were shopping the other day and she found me a white jean jacket that I must say is ADORBS!!!  The best shopping days for me are simply following Jess around with my cart sipping my coffee as she pulls things of the rack for me to try on, yeah, it’s the life.  Anyway, back to the ADORBS white jean jacket.   As she handed me the jacket, I said with a crinkly face, “It’s white. When would I where it?”

“This Jacket will match tons of stuff, you will love it.” She replied

I went on to explain, “It’s white, I will just end up getting it dirty.  You know that white skirt that I wanted sooooooo bad and  I searched high and low for it?” She nodded, so I went on.  “Well, I never wear it because I am afraid I will get it dirty and it won’t last as long.”

As I explained myself to her, I couldn’t help but think it just didn’t make any sense.  I mean yeah, the skirt was lasting beautifully, but I only wore it once a year. Hmmmmm.  Doesn’t seem like I am enjoying that skirt that I literally searched for months to find.  I finally found it and now I admire it as it hangs in my closet.  As I think about brushing the dust off it and wearing it,  I ask myself, are you going to do anything today that would cause you to get that skirt dirty.  Hahahahahahahaha!  I know!  I could barely finish typing the sentence before I was bent over in laughter.  All my friends who know me personally are doubled over as well.   “Duh Jamie, this is YOU we are talking about.  Do you remember your white jeans and the ‘coffee incident’.   Oh and your white coat and the other ‘coffee incident’.” Hmmmm.  Maybe the theme isn’t “white” but rather “coffee”.  Naaaaah.

So there I was, in the middle of TJ Maxx asking myself the question.  “Do you want to by another closet ornament, or should you just spend your money elsewhere?”  And just then I realized my frame of mind was STUPID.  That’s right, just plain STUPID.  There is no better way to put it.  And this very instance can be a metaphor for those moments in my life when I don’t listen to Mrs. Frizzle’s(from the Magic School Bus) amazing advice, “Take chances, get messy and make mistakes.”  Seriously let’s apply for that job, take that painting class, sign up for that committee, and let our kids drink out of the milk jug….ok, maybe that’s too far. But for real, wear the white skirt.  Yup, someday I might grass stain it, get dirt on it, or maybe a kid will bump into me with chocolate on their hands.  Let’s be honest, it will probably end up with coffee on it.  But it doesn’t matter.  I bought the skirt for a reason, it should go out with a bang!  A shackled life in my closet is no way for such cuteness to remain.  So this summer I vow to wear the heck out of it!!  Maybe it will last the whole summer, maybe I will spill coffee on it next week… but it’s certainly better than hiding in my closet.  So I tell ya, WEAR THE WHITE SKIRT. LIFE IS TOO SHORT NOT TO.

Oh and I did buy the white Jacket. 🙂 And she was right!  I LOVE IT!!!