She believed she could…so she did

Back to school at 38.  YUP!  That’s me.   As some of you may know, I was a “college dropout” as my husband affectionately calls me.  It was my pregnancy that caused me to put my music education degree on hold, and I will spare you the funny, yet probably slightly inappropriate comment I shoot back at him.  Over 18 years ago now, I found out the 24 hour flu I had, would not leave for another 3 months.  At the end of my sophomore college semester, I threw up in the bathroom of the music building, brushed my teeth with the toothbrush in my purse and took my last final exam and didn’t return next semester. But I tell ya, I never looked back.  One by one my kids advanced my greatest career ever.  Well, maybe advanced isn’t the right word.  In parenting, yeah sure you can learn to diagnose every sickness under the sun, you become a human lie detector, and you can mend a broken heart better than any surgeon, but as far as a parental promotion, well, let’s just say some days you are an expert in your field and the very next you are staring at them wondering what wrong button you pushed.

As my kids got older, I decided I wanted to be a life coach, and perhaps someday go into counseling.  I worked hard following my passion and soon(well, not really soon, it took a while), I had a certificate hanging on the wall of my office(which is super cute by the way).  What an amazing, and challenging adventure it was.  Although, I will say, my biggest challenge was me against myself.  I prove to be the biggest obstacle to anything I do.  And now I have decided to take on yet a new challenge.  Yup! I LOVE life coaching, and now I am going after that counseling degree.

Currently, school is in full swing, but getting there was quite the feat (Hence the blog silence. Brain surgery and college left not much time to blog).  I had to get 15 credits completed between May and the end of September to qualify for the program I wanted to get into.  It seemed daunting, and quite honestly I wasn’t sure if I was going to pull it off.  Yet, 2 summer classes, 2 CLEP tests, a weekend class, neglecting the hubby and kids, living on egg sandwiches and cereal,  giving up showers and make up, the kids running out of clean underwear,  letting the house fall apart, and contributing millions to Biggby’s coffee sales helped me squeak into my program just in time(so worth it).  I really am proud of me, and all my hard work.  But I gotta tell ya, again I was my biggest obstacle.  Let me show you my brain…

What if you fail?  What if you look stupid?  What if you are the dumbest one in your class.  What will your clients think? Oh Jamie, I know what your clients will think, just let me tell you they will think,  “What? You don’t have your degree? Well then you don’t know anything so I am not coming back!” That’s what your clients will think!   What if you spend all this money on college and then you aren’t successful enough to earn it back?  What if you can’t handle it all?  What if you forget  your kids?  Oh wait, you do that all the time and they seem ok, so  you can take that one off your stress list. Whew.  But, what if you go to college and then decide to you would rather be a car mechanic.  Hmmmm, actually mechanic is probably not your best career change, seeing that when you took your car in last week and answered their question of, “What’s wrong with it?” You said, “it makes an eeeerrrreeeeuuuu sound when it’s cold out and when I pull the gas thingy out of the holdery thingy, gas leaks out behind that one spot behind the gas thingy but in front of the wheely spot kinda, maybe in the middle of those.”  Yeah, probably have to come up with a different career change to stress about.

PMS- crop pic of mom

But then my sister gave me a mug that helps me tell that negative-self talk to shut-up!  And on this mug it reads… She believed she could, so she did.  I know underneath my insecurity and fear is a strength that I don’t give credit to often enough and it’s time to start.  I know deep down, this is what I am supposed to be doing right now, it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks, and I can accomplish anything I put my mind to.  So I make my coffee, topped with ready whip and a chocolate drizzle of course, and sip up those very words as I complete my studies.  “She believed she could, so she did.”


I share this to encourage you to join me in telling your negative self-talk to “shut up!”  When you realize it’s that negative voice in your head standing in your way.  Tell it to shut up and then choose to believe you can.  You can do whatever and even be whomever you want!

Dean Nixon posted a meme a little while ago that I find very inspiring….

we beat ourselves

And if you find you want help with that voice in your head telling you things your best friend would never say, give me a call.  The 4 Steps to Confidence coaching series is an amazing tool that will seriously change the way you see yourself.  I guarantee it… or your money back!


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