To My Amazing School!!!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to stay in Ayden’s class while Jake took Zayne to therapy.  As I sat there I heard the hustle and bustle of all the kids coming in putting their coats and hats away and getting ready for a day of fun.  I looked to the front of the classroom and there Mrs. Halstead was, doing all the girls hair in crazy styles for Grinch day.  Out came the ribbon and by the time she was done she had a class full of smiling little Who-ville children!  Throughout the morning different teachers came in the class to do different fun “Games” with the kids.  I felt honored sitting there watching all this take place.  These teachers LOVE our kids!!  They LOVE what they do.

And today as I headed into the school to drop Ayden off for his last day before Christmas Break I found myself getting sappy and wishing I could bring a big Santa bag in full of goodies for all the teachers and staff that work so hard to make sure our kids are not only safe and educated but also feel special and encouraged.  As I walked by the office I see Jackie in there smiling to all who came through the door.  I head down the hallway and notice Mrs. Kidder’s room.  She is always smiling and has such a warmth about her.  I see Mrs. Chakowski’s and Mrs. Stoker’s room.  Both amazing teachers who care for our kids.  And Ayden’s teacher Mrs. Halstead is standing at her door in her pj’s greeting all the kids that come into her room with a big smile!!  It was PJ day today and Ayden wanted to bring his life-size Stich to class.  I asked Mrs. Halstead if it was ok, seeing how the stuffed animal was like having an extra kid in class.  She gave me a half grin and said “Of course it is!” I love how she gives the kids a chance to be a kid.  Ayden was beyond excited to bring his stuffed animal in and show the class. I kissed Ayden goodbye and headed toward the door.  I looked down to the kindergarten hallway.   I found myself thinking of Mrs. Wade, Mrs. Dickinson and my all time favorite Mrs. Smith.  What a rockin Kindergarten team!!  I wished I could get them something meaningful so they would know how much I, as a parent, appreciate EVERYTHING they do.  And as I walked out of the school this morning I prayed for God to bless each and every one of these amazing teachers and staff in a special way.  I truly appreciate how much they have done for me and my family!!  And that’s just my kids…..they have 20 more they take care of.  It just amazes me.  I hope they know they are the true super-heroes of today.  They spend their days teaching and growing our youngsters, making sure they get everything they need.  If they are behind in a subject they get them the help, they encourage them to be true to themselves and what they want to do and be.  They truly inspire and push our kids to succeed.  I just love this little town and the people that make it great!!!  Merry Christmas!!!