Super Z update

Super Z update

I’m so sorry it’s been so long since our last post.  I am sure everyone has been a little crazy with the holiday season approaching, or more like coming at mach 10 😀

Zayne has been doing amazing in PT!!   I feel like its been a rollercoaster with everything going on with him.  He has been quite happy these past few weeks though!!  It’s been great.  In fact, both my boys seem to be handling life pretty well at home.  Sometimes when the boys are playing I hear Aydens little voice say “Try with your left hand Zayne…you can do it.”  Or the other day when Ayden came up to me and said “Mom when we are wrestling I make sure I don’t use my left arm so it’s fair.”  My heart melts.  And then to watch Zayne in therapy!!  He really does a good job at pushing himself, don’t get me wrong he has his days where he doesn’t want to do it but when we get there his attitude stays pretty good.  I do have to give a shout to Jodi Heisler.


She is a PTA at Alive and we have worked with her since day 1!!  Angie Bandy, a friend of mine and a physical therapist,  was amazing and met with me before we signed up at Alive.  She gave me Jodi’s name and told us she was great with kids, pushes them enough but also has fun and she was right!!


Jodi has been phenomenal with him and how ironic that she is a Springportian at that!!  She knew all about super Z before we even got there.  She has scored in Zayne’s book and was even offered a ticket to Neverland with him J  She has heard a couple adventures of Neverland and was even told she wasn’t allowed to go on Sunday’s because they are closed. 😀


His adorable imagination never ceases to amaze me!!  His leg is coming along nicely, we are dealing with pronation of the foot but I feel like that will bounce back quickly once we get the right foot brace.  His hand is making big improvements but is still very slow.  It’s funny because to get him to open his fingers is a good day, and there was a time I wouldn’t consider that progress but being in this situation now…that is PROGRESS!!!  It’s still very frustrating for him and to build legos takes a long time for him but he still does it.  His eye sight is not such good news.  Jake and I have noticed some major changes over these couple weeks and are trying to stay positive.

My emotions throughout it all have been up and down.  Everything is very overwhelming and yet I’m so thankful.  God is slowly speaking to me and I’m slowly allowing Him to thaw my heart.  It’s funny going through something like this.  Shakes you to your very core, and somedays you come out of it and you count your blessings and other days your curse the very faith that got you through the crisis.  I don’t know His mighty plan but I do know that my boys are loved.  And that is essentially all I want for them.  To KNOW they are loved!!  To know that Jake and I would walk with them through anything.

I am going to say things are very up and down right now in my mind, so I apologize now for the rollercoaster of blogs that may or may not be coming.  But once again thankyou to everyone who has given to the Go fund me….your support is overwhelming and so greatly appreciated.  A shout out to Chief Luce for making Zayne an honorary police officer.




Zayne was GEEKED!!!  Has an official badge and everything 🙂  Ayden says “Um…can Zayne arrest people now?”  It was a lot of fun!!

Also a shout to Marks Place in Eaton Rapids for the fundraiser!!! It was wonderful seeing some of the faces that came in that day 🙂


The support and love we have gotten from people is amazing and helps me know GOOD does win.  There may be a lot of evil in this world but GOOD will ALWAYS come out on top.