Super Z update

Well Super Z is home!!!!  🙂  It has been up and down for the passed 2 weeks.  We are having alot of trouble with his brace that helps his knee not hyper-extend.  We got home from another adventure at Mary Free Bed.


We stayed the night in hopes to get it all tweeked before we came home.  I’m hoping this one will be amazing and work like a charm.  Other than that we are trying to adjust to life!  He’s doing amazing!!


He knows he has a lot of work to do to get back to school and just being independent but if I say anything about my kid its that nothing usually stops him!!  He is dealing with some anxiety.  Jake and I have both noticed some changes in his vision.  Not sure what we are up against seeing how the ophthalmologist said everything looks the same on his end.  Mary Free Bed did tell us that it takes a good 18 months for a brain injury to heal so we are hoping things balance out after a bit.


Other than that things are going pretty well here on the homefront.  Our plans to build a house have been placed on hold, but I am so thankful we live with my mom 🙂  Just easier having family around.  And having my sis and Michael across the way is amazing!!   I dove back into coaching cheerleading!!  My girls are simply amazing!!  I don’t think I could have asked for a more hard working, patient group of high school girls EVER!!!  Jake is diving back into work and Ayden….well Ayden is one of a kind.  That kid has grown up over night. I’m so thankful to his teacher Mrs. Halstead and the amazing staff of the elementary for taking him under their wing.  He is so incredible and has dealt with these huge life changes beautifully!! He is so protective of Zayne, its amazing to watch him take care of him!!


The past month almost feels like a blurr…..So many emotions, so many ups, and so many downs.  I will do my best to get to blogging in-between being a mom and therapy!!  As always THANKYOU to all of you!!!!  Without your support we just WOULD NOT be who we are!!!  Your support has not only lifted us when we needed it most but it has helped Jake and I stay positive.  I know we aren’t ALWAYS positive people but having the support we have has made going through this journey a little easier!!