We believe…

Well, once again, this night before surgery we rally the troops.

You all have supported us from the very beginning(Um.. he has a what?).  As always our words can never express the way we truly feel about all the support.  It may not make sense, but we feel your hearts and there is strength out pouring from so many.

As we near tomorrow we a rally the troops, and as with any rally before a big battle, we need a unified battle cry.  And as Jess and I sit together pondering what to say tonight, we feel the cry is “We believe!” Believe in what , you may ask… and to that we say “Yes”.  We believe in hope, we believe in peace, we believe in love, and we believe in God and his ultimate plan.  We believe in a power within each and every one of us to do great things, greater than we ever thought possible.  To shine in a weary land.  To bring life and peace to every corner.  We believe the battles we face are about much more than strengthening our faith in God, but about him revealing to us who we are truly and meant to be.  We will transform.  Like the Phoenix out of the ashes we will rise.  We don’t care what things look like, and our own expectations of outcomes aside, victory DOES course through our VEINS. We may stumble, we may fall, our faith be shaken to it’s very core and weakness may suffocate us for but a moment.  I can declare this for sure, come hell or high water we know who goes before us and who is behind us.  And no matter the outcome, we will rise. We understand the fight we fight.  WE see the risks; however we also understand that these battle lines surge beyond this surgery we face tomorrow. WE reach deep into our core, to the very depth of our soul.  And there, burning with just the slightest glow, at the very center of our hearts, is our true identity.  And like a Trust fall from terrifying heights, we choose to believe and take hold of our true identity, glowing like an ember, just waiting for our very breath to bring it to flames.  With every breath we transform.  We have called out angels, and this is not a fight we fight with fists, but a fight where we draw on the power of our hearts and the very wings on our backs, that our angels have given us to take flight.  We will soar.  Soar with power, and peace.  Soar with determination and strength and an even greater knowing of who we truly are.  And that is what We Believe.


I know we all have different understandings and beliefs, and that ok.  We all have a piece to the puzzle.  So when you ask us, “What specifically are we believing for THIS battle?”… we say “yes”.  So tomorrow reach to the very depths of your own soul.  Allow your own empowering beliefs to connect all our hearts together and we will rise.

Below is a song by Katty Parry that has fueled both Jess and my hearts this past month.  It will be one of the songs on our playlist for tomorrow.

And then if you scroll further I have a couple more videos…a couple of Zayne singing…love it.