Super Z update

Well I have been waiting for our sight to get fixed.  For some reason it doesn’t allow me to post pictures :/  But it has been so long and so many people have been asking how Zayne is doing on the new chemo.  I’m so sorry it has taken this long to post.  Hopefully the site will be up and running and I can show you his journey!!!  The first 2 months were great!! Ups and downs of course but nothing like the last chemo we were on!  However month #3 was a little rough.  He woke up with horrible stomach pains and puking so this month I think he is a little gun shy that is going to happen again that he is not able to swallow his pill.  He got his first night down great but after that he struggled, and being the parent I am I didn’t let him try more than 3x to get down a wet soggy CHEMO pill.  I was so afraid it was going to break open in his mouth.  So we have struggled for 4 nights now.  Every time he would have to take a pill he would say “Mom what if my tummy hurts like last time?”  Poor guy 🙁  Things are still going good though.  We will get through it!  He has had an amazing last month!!  We moved out of our beautiful first home on March 30 and are currently living with my mom while making plans to build….it’s been an adjustment for all of us but the boys LOVE having Nonnie live with them!!  It has been a blast watching the boys ride bikes and trot to and from my sisters house across a little grass path in between houses.  School is going GREAT for both of them!!!  I love getting to watch them in there classrooms!! 

We seriously cannot wait til summer!!!  I can’t wait to have both my boys back with me all day long for snuggles, play time and LOTS of fun!! 

I am hoping soon to have a little preview of Zaynes book up!!  Kind of a tear jerker but I think it will be a great read in the end!!  I hope everyone is enjoying the weather (when its not raining) and PROMISE to get better at posting!!!