Is that my laundry?!

A conversation between me and my sis…never a dull moment…


“Jamie bring my bags of laundry back over here when you come, my washer is working again.”


“Ugh, are you kidding me.”

“Jamie, it’s 2 bags, seriously. (insert eye roll at Jamie’s drama)”

“Ok… I will bring them over as soon as I unload my groceries.”

I headed over to Jess’ to have a cup of coffee, and then we jumped in her car to go pick up the kids. Jess and I were gabbing a mile a minute as usual when she stopped mid sentence and said,

“Um, Jamie, is that my laundry.”

We both looked up my driveway at the 2 white bags.

I immediately started laughing.  Jess on the other hand had a look of disbelief on her face ….the conversation continued. 

“Are you kidding me Jamie!”

(Jamie still laughing)

“I mean….it looks like it’s been run over.”

( Jamie still laughing)

“So…I guess that backup camera isn’t doing you any favors huh?”

She continued to drive past my driveway, with the bags of run over laundry in it, and headed to the school, meanwhile,   I am still trying to catch my breath.

We collect the kids and she pulls up my driveway to drop us off. 

“JAMIE…..there are  tire tracks on the bag….ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  You need a sign….you seriously need a sign.  Don’t stand behind me while backing up…it could be fatal.”

I at this point go into another fit of laughter as she drives off shaking her head.  


Never a dull moment for us!

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