Gotta fill up your tank!

I was on my way to see my sister-in-law’s new baby. When I left the house I knew I didn’t have enough gas to get there, but stopping for gas seemed like such a waste of time. “I just want to get there; I don’t want to take the time to get gas!” So I hit the road, thinking I would stop on the way, and then it might not seem so bad because I would be “almost there.”

Down the highway I went, my light flashed and I honestly can’t tell you what I was thinking other than I just didn’t want to take the time to stop. Now, I have forgotten to get gas before(just last week actually) but this was different. It’s like my brain was arguing with logic(although my hubby would say my brain ALWAYS argues with logic). All of a sudden I realized I was in trouble. The digital gage said 3 miles left! And I was sure the nearest gas station was 3 miles away, may more. Oh, the stress kicked in, 2 miles, then 1! I really didn’t want to call Michael and tell him I ran out of gas, in my new car that had a digital gas gage. Seriously, I have enough of a reputation. As I exited the highway I kept shifting into neutral hoping that would save gas, not sure if it does, but it made sense to me. And as I said before, me and logic, well our relationship is a bit sketchy.

With a sigh of relief, I rolled into the gas station as my gage read 0 miles left. “Whew.” What was I thinking? I mean seriously who decides not to take the time to get gas. As I laughed at myself, I thought how similar we can be when it comes to our own well-being. But it’s true, we have to take the time to fill up our own tank, or eventually, we will run out. We have to take the time to do what rejuvenates us or build us up.

What! What did that say take time for me? But I don’t have time for that, I mean sure I’d love to sit outside for an hour and read a book, just take a walk down the road, or have a week in Jamaica sitting on the beach listening to the waves crash and the sound of the steel drum. Yeah, Jamaica would be amazing, but really, a book and a blanket would be dreamy as well.

I get that life is crazy, hence why it’s May 18th and I am just getting to this month’s blog theme! “Even Wonder Woman needs a break” With May being the month of Mother’s day, I want to encourage all you moms to take a moment and invest in you. Take time to rejuvenate you!! Take time to fill up your tank!

Gas 2

And with that, I announce that this Month the 4 Steps to Confidence Series is on sale for $90!

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This is my most popular series and it’s application helps you fill up your tank, so you can go where ever you wish!
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