“Control Freak!!!” -Unnecessary Stress Part 2

Unnecessary Stress disguised as Diligence… Also known as, “Control Freak”.


Oftentimes we find ourselves stressing out over a situation of which we have NO CONTROL.  So why do we stress?  That is a GREAT question.  Think about it.  Let’s say for instance I hate the flu.  Well, I actually do hate the flu, and I had morning sickness for 4 months with 3 of my children, so it’s not hard for me to imagine.  But let’s say my best friend called me and warned me that she had come down with the flu and we just spent the entire day before shopping together.  We even shared a dessert at our favorite restaurant.  Oh, I can already feel my imaginary stress kickin’ in.  What if I get the flu! Oh it will be horrible! I really don’t want the flu!  I hate the flu, and then my kids will get the flu, and I hate to see them sick, it’s so awful.  I am so worried!  I was just with her all day yesterday!  Ahhhhh that is prime exposure! 

Sound familiar?

 But you and I both know there is absolutely nothing I can do about it.  Yeah, I could slam some vitamin C and a few other immune boosters.  That could help, but my stress and worry over it for sure isn’t gonna help anything.   There is no magic formula that states Worry + Stress=Keeping away the flu.  If anything, the stress with weaken my body’s immune system, making me that much more susceptible.   Yet,  many of us find ourselves spiraling out of control over similar scenarios. The scene may change, but what always remains is the Unnecessary Worry.

Now, things don’t seem as black and white when you consider the “scenes” that are more emotional and tied to your heart.  For instance:


  • Stress about what other people, including our friends, think of us.
  • Stress about how someone we care about is handling their life.
  • Stress about terminal illness, health conditions, brain tumors.
  • Stress about the choices our kids make.

It is especially hard to let go of stress in these types of situations.  And I am not saying there is NEVER something we can do.  In each of these cases it is good to look at possible remedies or ways to make personal shifts when needed.  But we must be careful to acknowledge what we ultimately don’t have control over and let it go, because “stressing” about it actually creates negative side effects as well.  And goodness knows, if you are dealing with circumstances that may be less than desirable, you certainly don’t want stress reeking for havoc on things, so don’t add that to your list.

If you would like help with looking into situations that may be causing unnecessary stress, please set  up a coaching appointment today.  Sometimes it can be very helpful to have a trained coach to help you get a different perspective and lesson the stress load we carry.


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