This months Topic…Go to Jamaica…?

Oh My Gosh!   My LIFE!!!!!  Has been insane!!!!  Anybody else with me.  Laundry, work, kids sports, finances, a kid needs braces, another has a sports injury, oh, and then another does too, and then there is TAXES.  And for those of you who know me and numbers, yeah, I should probably have Timmy do them. Lol

I do think it is a bit ironic that the stresses in my life have kept me from keeping up with the blog and posting this month’s theme being, STRESS!!!

This month I will be posting some insight on how to cope with stress.  And really, what I have found the Key to Freedom from Stress is escape!  Take a trip to Jamaica where it’s all “No Problem Man”, in that fun Jamaican accent, and NEVER come back.  Just stay on vacation FOREVER!!!!    But if you can’t get that much time off work, then stay tuned to this month’s blog post, or check out the “Eye of the Storm” Series that continuing on sale this month!!!

There are ways to manage and cope with stress.  Let me help you turn this…



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Jamie Lightner