Cue the music please…

In looking for a flashback Friday, I came across this post that I thought would be good in closing out this months theme of adversity.  I liked reading it and looking back on much I have accomplished since I wrote it.  It reminds me to appreciate what I have learned through my adversities and to keep climbing.


For about month I have found my self, to be quite frank, down in the dumps. I have been allowing my thoughts to tear me down. I have been allowing unrealistic expectations to discourage me, and allowing my fear to immobilize me. After some thinking I realized that at this point in my life it was all about a choice. It was about choosing what I wanted to feel and choosing to believe in me, and my dreams, even if I didn’t feel the “magic.”

I realized I was looking for the enchanted door that said, “This way is the RIGHT way.” I was waiting for the music that played as Rockey ran up the stairs, or that played when Rudy ran out on to that football field. I was waiting for that magical, Hollywood, “feel good” moment, that moment in the movies when the actor is being courageous and taking a risk that ultimately pays off. The actors are usually defying odds or choosing to believe in themselves when no body else does. But as I face my own challenges I realized there is no music. In real life we must make our choice without the reassuring cue of the inspirational orchestra in the background. We must make our choice without the moving trumpet that seems to say now is your moment when you will defy all odds and achieve your goals. We must simply choose to believe in ourselves over and over again no matter the outcome, believing in each step as progression.
In the moments that are scary or out of our comfort zone, there are usually a million voices telling us why we can’t. Without the playing of that inspirational music, we are left with our thoughts, and that is where we make a choice of what we are going to allow our thoughts to believe. Are we going to choose to believe in ourselves?

The choice can be during the simplest of moments, like when you realize you forgot to send your kid with his lunch. Or you locked your keys in your car, messed up a presentation, or made the biggest fool of yourself at work. In those moment rather than think about all the places you seem to come up short, or think about what everyone else must be thinking of you, in that moment you accept yourself, mistakes and all. Don’t let your mind wander to what everyone else might be thinking, ‘cause the truth of the matter is, the only thing they are thinking about you, is wondering what you are thinking about them.

And when we choose to believe in ourselves in these little everyday moments, then we will start believing in ourselves when the moments seem more challenging. We may go for a new job interview, take on a project at the school, or even chase down a dream. As we make the choices to believe in ourselves, even though there is no climatic them song, then comes the feeling of empowerment, and that my friend “feels” like music.
We can feel the music of freedom and empowerment. Free to believe in ourselves despite the outward opinion of others or circumstances. Free to take a risk and believe we can do whatever we dream.

And when all else fails… Make a playlist on your phone and rock it out in the kitchen or on your drive!!!  It’s amazing.   Here are 2 of my faves.