Ahhhhhh Stressed? Me….nooooooo.

Hmmmm.  Let’s see, Taxes!  Need I say more?  I mean seriously, can a form be any more confusing.  If you made 50 marbles put it on line B, and then subtract how many marbles you sold, did you pay taxes on the marbles you sold, oh do you owe anyone marbles, and in the partnership to do share your marbles or are all your marbles yours, and this year did you, by chance lose any of your marbles.  If the answer to any of these is yes or no, please add that sum of that dividend to the 5 dominoes you started with and put the answer on line, LMNOP.   Oh, and by all means, please PAY someone to do this for you, because we didn’t write the form in English, only those who speak taxes, can’t truly translate the form. Right?!