UN-necessary Stress

Unnecessary Stress…eeew…who needs that?(4 part Series)


Stress…..  when I think of all the addictions in the world, stress has got to be the most subtle killer.   Seriously! We are all so quick to point our finger at those with addictions so much more obvious, like smoking or drinking or Brownies, yum,  while the addict to stress can often be viewed as the unsung hero, high achiever, or person of great success.  While our achievements may be noticed by everyone, it’s the internal side effects of the stress is what one needs to pay attention to.  Just as a smoker may end up with lung disease, the drinker may end up liver disease, and the brownie lover may end up with chocolate disease…lol, the stress addict has their internal side effects as well.  And I am not just talking physical!  Yes there is PLENTY of research out there telling us the physical implications of stress.  However, I am talking emotional!  Some of us are missing out on the very essence of the experience of life because we are always stressed.

I can say this because I get it….Hi my name is Jamie and I am a stress-aholic.  (I actually belong to a few different anonymous groups…this is just one. 😉

Yes I get it, life can be stressful, but what I want to challenge you to eliminate is “unnecessary” stress.  So often we don’t realize how much unnecessary stress we allow ourselves to carry.


Unnecessary Stresses lures… Don’t take the BAIT!

  • Unnecessary Stress disguised as DILIGENCE
  • Over committing because we FEEL NEEDED
  • Martyr syndrome, (feel valued from people’s sympathy)
  • Over committing to OVER ACHIEVING (we feel value from our achievements)


How to spit out the hook….

  • LET GO of unnecessary stress: Stop stressing about something over which you have NO CONTROL
  • Get Value Internally: Let go of the need to be valued, liked, or admired by others.

Obviously these are easier said than done.  But I assure you it is quite possible!  The 4 Steps to Confidence Series helps you let go of unnecessary stress and helps you to truly let go of the opinions of others.   For more info Contact me.




Coming up in this series on Unnecessary Stress, more details on the “bait” I have named above.

Unnecessary stress Disguised as…

  • Diligence
  • Feel Needed
  • Climbing the Corporate ladder


All 3 of these can be pretty sneaky in seeming Necessary, look for the blogs to come to explain why.

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