Hug them, tell them…TODAY.

I recently lost a colleague of mine. Only he was more than a colleague. In this line of work I am in with TurningLeaf Wellness Center, we actually become more like family as we work alongside each other. And I have now lost one of my TurningLeaf family members. I am struggling today with the idea he is gone. We were are divided by many states, but that didn’t stop our friendship in the least. And here I am wishing I could just send him a text or give him a call. As this week has gone by surrounded by so many emotions, I now find myself wondering. Did he know how much he meant to me? Did he know how grateful I was for his support and insight? Did he know how much I appreciated his humor, and how he made me laugh even if I was upset or nervous. Did I ever tell him, I am not sure I did? I can only hope he felt my heart and knew I loved him like a brother and will miss him greatly.
Soon my mind wondered to my other close relatives and friends. Do they know? Do they know how much I love them, and appreciate them. You always think you will have another day to say it, until you don’t. I know a year ago, when I was texting Greg, and his responses were making me laugh as they always did, I never thought for a second I wouldn’t have that so soon.
So today I encourage you to tell those you love, that you love them. Tell those you care about, what they mean to you. Whether it be over the phone, in a letter or in person. Tell them!
I realize this is a bit somber. It is where my heart is today.
Tomorrow I will announce the month’s theme, and the new promotional series package! Until then, hug your family, and tell them you love them.