Super Z Update

Super Z Update
Wow!! A lot has happened in the Warren house hold in a month. We sold our house hope to move in with my mom by the end of March, LOTS of memories in our home. It was Jake and I’s first house as a married couple, first baby, the stairs I was sitting on listening to the doctor diagnose Zayne with a brain tumor, Ayden’s first year of school, a year of chemo, Zayne’s first year of school, awesome pool days, and countless talks on the back deck with the hubster, family and friends. On top of the moving, Zayne had his first dose of chemo. He takes an oral pill for a total of 5 days in the beginning of each month. He did AMAZING!!!! A couple bouts of nausea but Zofran worked like a charm!! He is currently on his second dose this week  Crazy how fast time has gone.

We have already done so much this year!!  We were able to get Zayne up to another one of Jake the wrestler’s meets at MSU!!

And we recently got back from Disney!!

And also CONGRATS BLUE!!!!!!  Springport did AMAZING at States!!!  Nick, Sean, Taylor, Zeth, and Noah!!!!  So awesome!!!

I will add photos later but it wasn’t working tonight :/

As always thankyou for all the support!!! Also I have a couple people who paid for shirts and still haven’t picked them up and I’m having a difficult time contacting you :/ If you could contact me on FB that would be awesome and we could arrange a time to meet at the school!!