Loose a kid, Forget a kid…Ice Cream for Dinner

Loose a Kid, Forget a Kid, Ice Cream for dinner…and Repeat.


Well, Jess is moving and it has been CRAZY around here!!!!

“When will you be done working today Jame.” Jess said, which I of course interpreted as, Oh my gosh when will you get her to help me make sense of this unpacking moving mess.
“I can leave my office by 1pm.” I responded
“Ugh, can’t you reschedule your clients. What if I get lost in all these boxes.” She said, her voice sounding completely overwhelmed. It had been a long week of packing, yesterday was chemo day at Devos and she was having to say goodbye to a house she just wasn’t emotionally ready to let go of.
“It’ll be ok Jess, a couple days and we will have you all settled in. I will be there at 1:15.”
At 1:30, after stuffing our faces with a subway sandwich, we started moving furniture up stairs. Yup, UP stairs. And considering the fiasco it was just 3 days earlier getting a desk, DOWN stairs, I really wasn’t sure how successful we would be, but an hour later we were quite proud of ourselves for moving a queen size bed, a hope chest and a TV!!!! YES UPSTAIRS!! Granted our hubbys coulda done it in 15 min, still, we were proud.
Here is a video of bringing the “desk down”, after watching, I am sure you can imagine the “taking bed up” process.

And that is just the last half, there was more!!!
“Oh my gosh, It’s 2:40!” Jess exclaimed “We gotta get the kids.”
I jumped in my car and headed for the school.
“OK, 1, 2, 3, 4…..um where is kid number 5? I am supposed to come home with 5 of them today.”
A quick call to his teacher by Jackie, our amazing secretary,

“Uh huh, ok, thanks Mrs. Gonzolaz.” Jackie said

As she hung up the phone she looked at me with a bit of amusement. “So…Bo went to baseball practice.”
Me with a sheepish grin, “Oh yeah, I knew that.”
After sharing a laugh with Jackie and the others in the office who had witnessed my, what seemed monthly occurrence, I jetted back to help Jess.
When I returned to the school 2 hours later to pick up Bo, I noticed Timmy’s team piling into the gym.
AHHHHHHH. the OTHER kid had practice too!!! Did I bring him up with me, nope. Running to the car I went!
Now the rest of the night was supposed to go like this.

Cook dinner…
Pick up Timmy from Baseball…
Eat dinner…
Pile everyone in the car…pick up Kate from Softball…
and go to the dairy Kreme for ice cream!(because I promised the first WARM AND SUNNY day we would go. Well, that day was TODAY.

This is what the rest of the night, ACTUALLY looked like…

Move more boxes and unpack,
Run out the door 5 minutes late…
Pick up Timmy….Pick Up Kate…
Swing by Dairy Kreme on the way home and have ice cream for dinner.

This morning, I stopped by Jess’ “house of boxes” and the conversation went like this…
Jake: “Babe where is my tootbrush.”
Jess: In my car
Jake: Where are my jeans
Jess: I don’t know
Jake: Ok how about deodorant.
Jess: In a box…somewhere.


Also, Today Kate has a Dr. Appointment. Josh, Timmy and Bo have a dentist appointment. All of which are at 2:45. Yeah, OOPS. I called on Jess to help me out. It seemed things were all orchestrated perfectly. I would go to Meijer and get food to feed the kids. They keep insisting this is one of my parental roles. I’m not totally convinced. Then I would pick Kate and Jess would grab the other 3 and run them to the dentist.

Right on time I pushed 2 carts out of Meijer, by myself. One loaded with groceries that looked as though it should last 3 months, but probably only 2 weeks. And the other full of storage bins for Jess. Then I locked my keys in my car! And I also locked my phone in the car. Keep in mind, not only did this really limit my ability to make a call, my phone also had the code to my keyless entry on it. YUP! Only I could pull it off so well. Fortunately, by best friends Dad was walking out as I was walking in, and he let me use his phone so I could get access to the keyless entry.
So, ultimately hoping to NOT misplace any kids today…but I can’t say for sure that it won’t be ice cream for dinner again. lol