Super Z update- MRI Results

Adversity… I hope you liked our dance in the storm video from last week.  Today we give you an update on our on going adversity.  Here is the post Jess sent me…

Super Z Update…
Well this is going to be short because this week is moving week at the Warren home! Lots of work!!
Zayne did incredible!!! Little hiccup with the IV but otherwise he was super geeked to play with a Paw Patrol helicopter!! We got the results today…not normally that fast.
The solid tumor has slightly shrunk which is amazing news!!! Don’t know if it’s the chemo or the Frankinsence oil :/ Either way we will continue doing both. However, the cyst that we have been watching so closely has grown slightly. Not the best news but he is still living life to the fullest and with no symptoms of motor loss. He sure is a trooper!!! I was reminded to rejoice in the small victories and that’s what I plan on doing!!! We go back in next Monday for his 3rd dose of chemo and I will be able to view the scans myself. I’m excited about that seeing how I have his previous ones almost memorized!! I thank God for my beautiful family and all the amazing things we are learning through all of this. It’s definitely a journey but I finally feel like I’m starting to embrace it instead of fight it!! Time for acceptance!! As always thank you for your unwavering support!!!


Here is a link to an article featuring Zayne’s oncologist.

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