When life is Stormy… Dance!

Life was caving in. The house was a disaster, and I was spending so much time running the kids to their various activities, I was certain one might forget to call me Mom, and a “hey cabby” would just come flying out of there face without them even knowing why. And dinner, that was seeming more like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I had just invested money into marketing tools and started renting my own office, hoping I would be able to maintain a client base enough to keep it. Things were good at the moment, but in my line of work, well, it’s a month to month guessing game. I could be slammed one month, and scarce the next. So I am sure you can imagine the bag nerves that I was carrying around. And lets top it all off with the big news, oh yeah, Zayne’s tumor was growing again.  So stressed, emotional and frazzled doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt.
And to this I hafta say… Just Dance. When life opens up and pours the rain, I say, stretch out your arms, look up and feel the rain on your skin..let go and Dance.

Feel the rain

There are many moments when I find myself at what seems to be the end of my rope. Moments that I was low, and crawling into bed and sleeping for a few months seemed the only way to escape the adversity at hand. But seriously, the best way to pull me out of my “despair” was to just embraced the rain and let go and dance. And so I turn my music up in my kitchen and spread my arms wide and begin to dance.
This video is was taken after Zaynes MRI, 3 months after his brain surgery. In February the surgeon miraculously removed over half of Zayne’s tumor, sending us on with news that it should be years before he saw us again, if ever. 3 Months later the tumor and the cyst were grown back to the size they were just before surgery. Only now the tumor had grown back in a web like pattern and there was no way surgery would be an option again. I had been hearing Fight Song for a couple months by then, and invited my sis over to dance in my kitchen. As you can imagine, we didn’t feel like dancing, but there is a freedom in letting go.



As we keep with the them of the month, Adversity, I of course leave you with a challenge, of course. Dance! Dance in your kitchen, dance in the rain, heck, dance in the middle of the grocery store, sometimes they really play some good music. And if you really have the nerve, take a video and post it to my page.


And if you would like help with leaning to let go and dance in the midst of your storm, the “Eye of the Storm” Series is still on sale, thru end of March!

Jamie Lightner



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