It is it date night yet…

Baby on the hip is crying while you stir the pot of spaghetti sauce, never mind this is the 3rd time you have made spaghetti this week, but the kids love it, which means no arguing about how much they have to eat to get a cookie after dinner. From the other room you hear your 2 year old crying out in desperation, “I am soooo starving, when will dinner be done” You roll your eyes, knowing that with the amount of fruit snacks and gold fish he has had today there is no reason for him to need another meal for at least a week. You mutter to yourself…”Is it date night yet!”
It has been said, “Date your mate” and I couldn’t agree more, but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank going out to dinner and a movie every week. But be sure to…

Laugh together!!!

I believe laughing together is so important. Taking the time to hang out together whether it is actually dinner out, or just sitting in the middle of the living room floor after the kids go to bed playing an intense game of racko or speed. Or maybe its coffee on the couch on a Saturday morning while the kids watch cartoons. I know one of my favorite memories was a week night after the kids went to bed, Mike cooked us up some tenderloin and brought it to me in bed, (I was already in my jammies watching TV when apparently he thought steak sounded good) It was hilarious. There we were eating steak in our bed watching our favorite sitcom. Still makes me chuckle when I reminisce. Back when we were barely married, we would lie on the living room floor playing a highly competitive game of racko. He beat me EVERY time, but I would always say, “OK, just one more game, I am sure to kick you r butt this time.” It is those memories I cherish the most it seems. It wasn’t a fancy dinner, even though I love those too, but just us laughing together.
Those moments of connecting just the two of you, whether they are 20 minutes or 3 hours are important. And when we have a baby on the hip, or our kids are so involved in sport it seems they are in the Major leagues, it can be hard to make the time. So here is my challenge to you for the rest of this month.
Laugh Together, Hang together, just have a little fun together. It will make spaghetti 3 times a week bearable. Here are 3 tips to help you live it up…just a bit. lol

  • Let go of expectations– Expectations can ruin a perfectly good moment. When things don’t go as perfectly planned, enjoy the surprise. I have a whole book (2 Sisters’ Misguided Manual to Motherhood) of “unplanned” so it all works out.
  • Set aside some time- Whether it’s 20 minutes or 3 hours, once a week, set up a time and put it on the calendar. If you don’t, life goes by without you looking.
  • Play– Don’t take relationships serious ALL the time. Find something fun to do, a game to play, reminisce over the funny stuff you have done together. Laugh and play! It’s important.

The photo at the top was taken by Jake(now my bro-in-law). We went sightseeing in Colorado and I got it in my head that I wanted to do a Notebook Picture. Ya know, in that movie The Notebook, when he picks her up and they kiss in the rain. Yeah, I wanted Michael and I to have one of those pictures, (ya see what he puts up to make me happy, lol) Anyway, while he kept picking me up and kissing me, (in front of Jake whom we barely knew at the time), to try and get that perfect pose, I kept laughing. We finally did get our perfect “Notebook” kissing picture, but I ended up hanging up our “blooper” picture on the wall because it was just “us”. It reminds me of how our life is fun and crazy and it makes me laugh every time I see it.

As February is coming to an end, I would love to ask anyone that wants to participate… Go to my Facebook page and post your favorite picture with your special someone that just says, “Yup, this is us”.