Ah yes…the wisdom in a chick flick!

I was dragged to the movie Avatar, by my sci-fi nerd hubby. I wasn’t really sure I would like it but I came out of there thanking him over and over for getting me there. BECAUSE! It was a love story!!! Duh!!!! He never let on. All I kept hearing about Avatar was how amazing the special effects were. But of course it wasn’t about the special affects for me, I am a sap for a good love story, and this certainly was. And while it was a great love story there was one piece that really stuck out to me. Yes, it was a bit cliché as far as your typical romantic plot. Ya know, the typical- one of them lied, the other found out but didn’t leave any room for explanation, they get mad, storm off and then end with the dramatic re-uniting scene where the whole truth is revealed and they kiss, The End.
Well, in Avatar when Jake’s girl finds out the truth of Jake’s initial deception and tells him to leave and never to come back, Jake listens at first and then returns riding this, well “flying thing” that they are all amazed to see him on, because they were not easily tamable. Jake returns after being rejected by the avatar people and his girl, he walks through the crowd and right up to her and he says, “I see You.” She responded with, “I was afraid before, Jake, but now I see you.” This is a line the avatar people used signifying that they truly saw eachother for who they were as if they could see into their very soul, see their thoughts and feel their feelings. And it hit me, how often do we REALLY see each other. How often do we look at each other and truly see the other person. And how often do we let others truly see US.

I would say NOT that often!

Most times we are looking through eyes of fear.
Fear causes us to look at others with judgment and it causes us to guard our eyes making sure no one can see our heart for fear of their judgment. It’s funny that fear causes us to judge…yet judgment is the very thing we fear.

Fear of what people will see, fear of what we will see. Will you understand me? Is it worth the risk to show you who I really am. We are constantly judging and setting up our preemptive strikes as to not get hurt. If we could all look into each other’s hearts and see the amazing people we are behind all the facades created in fear. If we could really see the pain that ties us all together. If we could see we all have the same doubts and insecurities, just wanting to be valued in this world, I believe we would all be more understanding of each other and really begin to unite as one human race.

This is true no matter what relationship we refer to, but with the theme of February being relationships… I challenge you to be real with that person you have chosen to stand by. Be open with each other, and dare to see each other. When you truly see each other, unconditional love blooms, grace is given, and true connection is felt.

As always, if this is something you want, but need a few tools to help you get there, I know a GREAT series. 😉 Feel free to contact me.

Jamie Lightner