Speed Date Night

My hubby and I went out the other night and I just couldn’t help but go through the “remember whens.” The remember when’s is something a mom can get lost in for hours when her kids reach that state in life she was sure they would never make it too. And then one day she blinks, and they are there.

Remember when just to go out we would have to call to find a sitter and we would cross our fingers just hoping and praying she would be available?

Remember when we would pull out the driveway and check the clock and then calculate how much money we wanted to tack on to tonight’s evening. Ya know the price on top of the dinner and entertainment costs, called the “Babysitter fee.” Of course there is that ponderment there as well(yes I know ponderment isn’t a word, but it should be and if it was it would go right there. ) Anyway, the ponderment of, how much do we pay the sitter. We want to keep as much money so we can to afford dinner, maybe share a dessert. But we want to pay her enough that she will keep coming back! So after the mathematical equation has been solved, you touch go on the stop watch and try to cram in as much fun on your date as you can, it’s like “speed date night”.

Now for parents of 4, the term fun is relative. Sometimes it consisted of going through a drive though, laying the seats back in the car and you guessed it.. taking a nap. Other times it began with this phrase, “Hey eat as fast as you can and maybe we can really live on the edge and squeeze in a movie.”  Like I said “speed date night”.   No matter the activity we chose, the time clock was indeed ticking.
However now that our oldest is 16 and the youngest is 8, “Speed Date Night” is in the “Remember When” part of life.  Now it goes like this…

“Honey you wanna go out tomorrow night.”
“Do we have any sports or school events to go to.”
“What! How did we pull that off? Heck ya, let’s go out, ya never know when that will happen again.”
“Kids, we are going out tomorrow night. Cook frozen pizza and put the younger kids to bed at 9. “
Tomorrow nigh: “Love ya!” leaving a kiss on their cheek “Good bye” And down the driveway with No stop watch, no mathematical equation on how much to pay the babysitter, just us livin’ on the edge, pry gonna find a parking lot, tip our seats back and you guessed it…take a nap.