Little Casanova- Flash Back Friday

This is a Flash Back Friday Blog, as I re-read it I couldn’t help but laugh. I honestly can’t remember if it was Josh or Timmy, I guess I shoulda been more detailed in my story, lol.

So my 8 year old has a crush at school. Now since I am an involved parent,(sounds better than nosy right, lol) I was of course asking him questions looking for what seemed to have started this mini courtship, which apparently consisted of saying “Hi” whenever they passed each other in the hallway. His response was adorable…

“Well, Mom.” he began so matter of fact. “She asked me for my email, so I thought well, if she is asking me for mine, she must have one too, right? So I asked her for hers and BAM…connection! And we have been talking every since.”

For real, he is 8! This kid cracks me up! If this is what my little Casanova is doing at 8, what might I have to look forward to. Maybe, he will have a romantic side, hmmmm, “BAM…connection” ok, maybe not.