Super Z Update…Devos Here we come

Wow….I can’t tell everyone how much I appreciate the support!! I texted a couple people this morning to start prayer chains because I was feeling so afraid and within min. I was flooded with texts, scripture, quotes….you name it. And a warmth wrapped around me. I felt like I could take a break from worry, fear and doubt because OUR army was standing in the gap. I could literally FEEL the strength from your prayers.
We talked to the oncologist and have decided on a chemo. We love her!!!


She was amazing…listened, loved Zayne and was beyond thorough!! The neuro-surgeon said the same thing the TX doc said. Basically wait for symptoms to happen before draining the cyst. Now that we have a second opinion on that I feel a lot better about waiting.
It was crazy how different I felt. I felt strong walking onto the chemo floor. A strange familiarity came over me but it wasn’t crippling like before. I felt confident, almost hopeful which is something that I have tried to forget in fear of not being able to handle more bad news. And while talking to the oncologist I just started realizing how incredible my son is.


Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always known he was an incredible kid but he has grown so much through this process. He is beyond strong, he is just this little bull that barrels his way through life.  And no matter where he is at….at home….or the chemo floor his smile makes everything brighter. His personality is infectious!!


As we left I couldn’t help but feel good.  We were making decisions and getting a plan.  Yea it’s still chemo but for the first time I wasn’t afraid of it.  Jake and I are still gonna do everything we can to keep searching for other options but for right now we have a great doctor and a witness on the cyst and that to me is pretty good day!!  I have so much to share with all of you I can’t wait to get some time to put it all into words!!! I know I say that every blog…so maybe I should just put it in his book : )