Super Z update

Well here we are again. Another 2 months has gone by and it’s time to go back to TX for an MRI. Zayne has been doing amazing I have to say!! He is diving into school and LOVES it!!!! Springport has been simply incredible at helping him with all the vision problems!! He has a pretty nifty magnifier that looks like a giant computer, which is great cause Zayne LOVES computers!!! I do have to give a HUGE shout out to Mrs. Smith his teacher, she is one of a kind and saves me gray hairs daily!! And also Nichole Keeler his aid!! They are both my eyes while I cannot be there and when I see them work with him I know he is not only being taken care of educationally but also emotionally!! They are so on top of letting me know when he has an off day or when he just doesn’t seem himself. I don’t know if I would be surviving sending him to school if it wasn’t for the amazing team that is behind my son there!!
We fly down on the 12th of this month and find out results of the MRI on the 14th. As always prayers are appreciated!!! I will try and keep everyone informed!!!