Not another resolution….

New Years Eve…Oh I am a big sap for New Years Eve!! I love the family all hanging out playing games eating waaaaaay to much junk food, and drinking waaaaaaaay to much coffee. And I really mean coffee, yum, peppermint mocha, I love it! I love remising about the year and looking forward to what the next one holds. And I especially love my New Years Eve kiss from Michael, right at midnight of course! Michael and I celebrated our first New Years Eve together when I was 15. Ha, that is crazy to me. Now many years later and 4 kids outta the deal, I still look forward to my midnight kiss.
We all have many different traditions. But many of us, this time of year, talk about making goals or resolutions and in the back of our mind we know many of them will taper off. The treadmill turns into a clothes rack, the salad into ice cream, one cup of coffee turns back into eight. Lol 😉 Those are just the classics, but many of our resolutions of all different kinds often times get lost. But what if this New Year’s it wasn’t about resolutions. What if it was about resolve?
I looked up the word resolution and it’s definition is,

“A firm decision to do or not to do something. To solve a problem”

That sound great and all, but I looked up resolve and it’s definition is,

“To decide firmly on a course of action.”

When I read that definition I feel a powerful energy stir with in me. To decide FIRMLY…(Can’t you just feel the stubborn power of the word firmly)….. on a course of ACTION….(Seriously the word ACTION… how much closer to meaning “action” can ya get.)

Just reading it I already know some courses of action I want take, and yet I hesitate to say to you now… I “RESOLVE” to take that action because it feels soooo committed. Am I really ready to take this seriously? When I use the term resolution we have been using for years, following through on some andletting others fall to the way side, not really worrying to much, thinking, ahhh, I’ll just toss them onto the list again next year, like I have been doing for 3 years now. As I continue to write my thoughts I wonder to myself. Will I state My “RESOLVE”. Will I finish this post and then actually push publish. I hope I do, and if you are reading this feel free to ask me how it’s going. I am determined to achieve this but sometimes support of others can give you that boost when you need it to pick yourself up when you may fall. Because I know I may not succeed at this all at once, but I want to enter it with REAL determination and commitment willing to brush of the dust of my knees when I fall and go again.

So this year… I resolve to LIVE and this is how I will do it….
I resolve to Value my Mistakes and move forward. To know that as I learn I cannot hold myself hostage to the mistakes in the “if I woulda known then what I know now zone.” And realize that many times I know it now, because I made the mistake then. It’s not about the mistake…it is about what I do with it.
I resolve to no longer allow myself to talk negatively to myself about myself. That habit just plain needs to stop. It doesn’t help me at all. I don’t want my kids to talk negatively to themselves…I need to be that example.
I resolve to take the necessary risks and put myself out there to grow my career as a life coach and seminar facilitator. Marketing myself has been more challenging to me than the coaching part of my job itself. Lol That cracks me up. But in order to expand in my career I have to be keep getting my name out there and keep challenging myself to go more places and make more contacts. It is good for my growth not only professionally but personally, so I might as well JUMP!
So if you are reading this, last night, I dared to take the resolution to a whole new level….A level taught to me by my mentor, friend, and brother, Dean Nixon. And that is to RESOLVE!
I want to bust through the gate of 2016 at full speed, filled with passion, meaning and commitment. I want to leap across mountain tops and have those quiet moments in the grass. I want to let go of that which weights me down while holding that which I cherish close to my heart. I want to live in the moment not losing any more time to stress and worry. And I want to pass on whatever I find to all those around me. I have found some freedoms in this life that I believe I am meant to share with others. I can only do this if I choose to stand and believe in those freedoms I have found. And continue to pass them on to my kids, my family, my friends and my clients, hoping we all continue to ripple those freedoms across humanity.
This life is amazing. Humanity through the years has seen great trials, great tribulations along with great triumphs and happiness. No matter the circumstance I truly hope I am able to appreciate this gift of life and dare to believe in myself to do great things, because I believe we all can do great things. But most of all I hope I say…I LIVED.
So again I challenge you…if you are up for it… Will you join me in choosing your own “RESOLVE”. Find something in your life that you have been afraid to take a “firm course of ACTION” on and dig deep for you bravery and commitment…and make 2016 the year you begin to conquer! You can do it! I believe in you… now you believe in YOU!!!!

As always if you need help…you know where to find me.



Happy New Year to Everyone!!!  May 2016 be Amazing!