Let’s get this Party STARTED!!!!

Friday evening, drive 40 minutes to Okemos, stand in a 35 minute line, so the boy can get half naked and weigh in for wrestling, followed by the 40 minute return voyage. Now that is one wild Friday night! Oh yeah, that’s how we roll here at the Lightner’s, just partyin’ it up. And then up and at ‘em early the next day for a cheerleading competition. Yeah, you know the saying, “Party when the Sun COMES up!” Wait, that’s not right, well, works for me. And after all day in the stands, I make sure I leave a “buns” mark in a bleacher seat, they say leave your mark in this world. Well, pretty sure my mark is “buns in a bleacher” because the very next day after cheer, it’s off to wrestling. And that, whew, that is intense!!! Granted its only 6 minutes of intensity at a time, then wait, ooooooh ‘bout 8 hours before your kid goes to the mat and maybe give you 6 more minutes. Ok, maybe not 8 hours in between, but I can’t be far off. Sunday night, finally home and it’s time for dinner… again… geesh, this dinner thing that seems to occur every single day, seriously, it’s constant. But never- the-less, I ponder on what healthy home cooked meal I shall prepare THIS TIME… ok then, frozen pizza it is.