Just ask yourself Why?

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So this month’s topic was RESOLVE. I posted earlier this month on resolutions and the power I feel behind the word resolve. I shared my own personal “resolve” statements of I will LIVE.: I will value my mistakes. I will no longer talk negatively to myself, about myself, and I will take the risks I need to take to propel my career forward.
Well, as the month of January comes to an end, and I realize I did NOT write once a week on this topic my habit kicks in. “ Jamie, OMG, seriously sit your butt down and get to work! And as soon as those thoughts begin to fire up their engine I had to remember, NOPE I made a resolution to put an end to that kind of talk about myself. So I grabbed my 6 steps to boundaries worksheet and set up my plan to achieve what I set out to achieve, without the negative clammer cheering me on. Yes!! One step at a time, one thought at a time. I will do this!
So how are you doing with the resolutions, commitments, changes or whatever you would like to call them, you decided to make? Well, as January comes to an end just take a look. Are you please with your results, if not one key thing to look at is, why?

You gotta know why…

Ask yourself. Why did I want to make this resolution? Is it because of what other people will think of me or is it because of what I choose for myself, for my own progression in life? Because it won’t have any power behind it if YOU don’t believe in it from your own guts. We can be influenced EXTERNALLY to make choices. We might be looking for approval, or maybe we want to be viewed as a good person or maybe as someone who has their life together. But that will only motivate us for so long. I know I eventually realized I was too tired to care if everyone found out I didn’t have my life together, so I just blogged about it! Hahaha So this can no longer be a motivational factor for me to get it together. And this can happen with anything.

Obviously the statement “having your life together” just isn’t even accurate, we all have ups and downs. But if I am choosing to give my toddlers a bath because I am afraid what people will think when they stink, then I will only bathe them as long as I care what people think. But if I bathe them because I don’t want them to stink, among other health benefits, well, then I am more likely to accomplish what I set out to do, with it’s natural ups and downs of course. I mean come on, if it rains while they are outside in the summer…that counts as a shower.
Our need for external approval doesn’t hold the passion and the drive it takes to commit long term. In order to truly commit and do what we set out to do, we must make sure that resolution comes from our very heart. In order for us to challenge ourselves and step out to take the risks we desire but have held back in fear, we must choose to care about what WE think of OURSELVES more than we care what others think of us. When you believe in you, and you choose to make a change for YOU then you can turn a resolution into resolve.
So if you have made a resolution that you already feel yourself wavering on ask yourself…

• Why am I choosing this?
• Is this decision based on what is healthy for me or is it based on how I want others to feel about me?
• Why do I value the result?

…You gotta value the result for YOU and what you believe to be a healthy for YOU.

There is some food for thought for ya.

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