I didn’t know what to expect… and was blown away

Tears streamed down my face as I read the comments to my blog the other night.(Do I tell her) I was so nervous to post my heart. What if I sounded weak, what if I sounded like I gave up, what if they just don’t understand my feelings of defeat. My mind ran to the worst, but I pressed published and hoped my heart would be safe.

And as I read those beautiful words of understanding in each comment I received on Facebook and the Website, I felt as though all of you were standing in the gap for me. Everyone telling me it was ok to exactly where I was. No one telling be to put my big girl pants on. No one telling me I needed more faith. Just total support in the moment I was in. I could feel the support and strength reach my very own heart. I wanted to say thank you. Once again I am blown away by your amazing support.
Jess will be giving more of an update when they have their plan. She is having her own moment of unraveling. She feels quite defeated and her and Jake are working with Devos to decide their next course of action. She is pretty broken right now, but one thing I know about Jess, as soon as she, Jake and the doctors decide on a plan, well, she will get her gloves on and get back in the ring. As for now, we are all doing our best to just retreat as we begin to prepare for what lies ahead.  So rally the troops, we lean on you in this moment, and thank you for your strength.