From a Mother of a Wrestler

Wresting, ugh, I gotta say it’s not my favorite idea of a sport. I remember watching Michael wrestle, back when I was a young teenager in love, just proud to watch my boyfriend. Oh yeah, he had the varsity jacket and all. Hearts in my eyes, there to cheer him on. But now, as a mom, whoa, whole different deal. Wresting is a tough one on one sport.  It’s basically who can endure or inflict the most pain, to get their opponent on their back. There is no…”Wow, nice hit to the outfield” or ”Great play for the touchdown.” Nope, when 2 kids are matched up pretty evenly in talent, it’s 6 minutes of stress watching them each take turns, it seems twisting the other into a disconfigured pretzel to get the other on their back. You may watch your kid get his head shoved into a mat, or his arm bent to a point you think any minute its going to come right off his body and just lie there on the mat by itself, and they will probably still keep wrestling. Not as tough when your own is the one doing the shoving and twisting, but my kid has been on both sides of the fence. Yeah, as a mom watching her baby, it’s still exciting, but different. .(…blog continued below media)

timmy wrestle 3timmy wrestle 2
And I am proud. I am proud of how hard Timmy works and how tough that kid is! But what makes the experience amazing to me is the great coaches he has had helping him along the way, the comradery of his teammates, and the fact that now he is helping those younger than him.
Timmy and Josh both wrestled years ago, Josh was in middle school and Timmy was only 5. I remember when they would come off the mat their coaches would go over a couple things to learn how to get out of a move they just struggled in. Watching these grown men let my kids practice putting a head lock on them is just adorable. Timmy was so little his arms could barely reach the moves on his coaches. Josh could reach the move but watching a burley adult teach my 60lb kid how to defend himself against a move, I just don’t know how to explain that it melts my heart every time. To this day my favorite moment of a meet is not the match, it’s not even the win. It is that moment between Timmy and his coach or Timmy and his Dad as they go through moves together. That moment they are red cheeked and sweaty, with their hair all tousled about. That moment they are just beginning to get their breath back and whether it is after a win or a loss the coach gets on his knees, eye to eye with them, and shows them how to be even better! When the mini lesson is over it’s followed by a “good job”, and a pat on the back. And this last weekend I got a little extra sappy because Shawn O’Hearon is helping his dad coach. This 16 year old kid is giving his time on a Sunday to help coach and support my kid.(oh yeah, and he has a giant super Z tattooed on his thigh, so yeah, I’m a bit And right before Timmy’s match I could see him and Shawn, behind a crowd of people just beyond the mats practicing moves. Of course I had to run over there and be “that mom!” The moment melted my heart and I had to capture it. I especially thought it was funny when Shawn realized he was being taped. He wasn’t expecting it, and although I am sure it put him on the spot, he said it was fine when I asked if I could totally be a paparazzi and put these on my blog.(…blog continued below media)

And I was caught. lol


Timmy and Shawn 1 Timmy and Shawn 2 Timmy and Shawn 4

And the comradery. Seriously the way these boys support each other is so amazing to see! Last year Timmy even had to wrestle one of his own team mates. But neither one lets it bother them. They encourage and lift each other up. And I especially love a match between 2 kids who don’t even know each other that ends with the winner helping the kid up after the whistle blows and giving him a pat on the shoulder to say good job. Yes there is A LOT of poor sportsmanship out there, trust me I see it, but there is a lot of GOOD sportsmanship out there as well and I always want to notice moments like that! I snapped this picture of Timmy and Matt going over their videos of previous matches. Those two have been supporting each other for years. They pick each other up when the other is down, yet they also know when to slap each other on the butt and say, “Get out there and get going!”(…blog continued below media)

Timmy and matt 3timmy and matt medal
And then to top off all this sappiness… I watched Timmy and Matt become the mentors. We have a boy who is new to our wrestling club and Timmy and Matt were showing him a couple of tricks to the trade. Who knows, maybe when Timmy is 16, he too will give his Saturday to a bunch of kids take turns making pretzels out of each other.

timmy and matt mentor

As grueling of a sport it is, I am a mother of a wrestler so its a big deal to me.  Not to mention, Dave Pratt and the Springport Wrestling Team adopted Zayne as one of their own and carried him on their shoulders from the very beginning…so yeah, I love wrestlers.  lol


We have been fortunate to have many GREAT coaches throughout his wrestling career, but as I end I would like to give a big thanks to Shane and Shawn and Jordan who are coaching now. Great guys, doing a great work with our kids! You guys make them work hard teaching them the skills they need.  You push them, but you never tare them down, you teach them to be better and build their confidence at the same time.   Timmy comes home exhausted while still loving it!!!   It is great for this momma to see such great coaches guiding her little wrestler…although he is not as little as he once was.