Big News- Looking into the upcoming year for the Misguided Sisters!

A brand new year! Just Crazy!! Where does the time go? I was just sure I would be changing diapers forever. And now Jess and I both have all our kids in school.  Ahhhhh  Where does the time go?   As we begin 2016, I just wanted to take a minute and update our amazing followers on just a little bit of what to expect for this year.
As far as the Misguided Sisters go, well, you just never know what to expect from us. lol But we are hoping to be doing some more writing and posting! Because as always, life is an adventure. I have almost ran out of gas, left kids behind, Jess and I are both finding out we are getting older and our body doesn’t recover as well as it used to from, exercise, heavy lifting…or just mopping the floor. Jess got a puppy, well that could be a book in itself. And well, I am burning dinner, losing kids, raising teenagers and attempting to feed everyone…oh just a couple times a week, which naturally involves the smoke detector every time I use my oven! So yeah, an adventure I’d say.
We have also begun the process of putting our next book together. The next one will be primarily Zayne’s Journey. So I usually tell people, “Well, our first book was a comedy the next one is a tragedy.” But we all know it’s not a tragedy at all. That little boy has taught such a strong message. And as hard as it is to write sometimes, we look forward to getting it on the shelves. So I am hoping by 2017, this book is part of our New Year announcement.
As far as this Misguided Sister, ME, well, I have all kinds of stuff going on.
My BIG NEWS of the year is… I am branching off and creating my own company branding. I am still very much affiliated with TurningLeaf and will continue to teach their workshops and principles, and am working to bring the seminars back to Michigan hopefully this fall. I love the company I work and it is because of what I have learned though them that I am announcing that my coaching piece here in Michigan is taking on it’s own name! I am officially a business owner and the name I picked out years ago, when looking for the exact message I wanted to send will be on all my business cards! Yay!!!! I am sooooo excited as Flawless Imperfections makes its debut as 2016 takes off. I have visions and dreams of where this company will go, and I look forward to bringing many more people the tools to be exactly who they want to be and learn to dance in the rain, whether it’s personal, relational, or in that crazy arena of parenting, lol. This is just the beginning!!!

business card picture
As Flawless Imperfections begins its journey I have some great stuff in the works. Along with the stories from Misguided Sisters, the blog will be featuring monthly topics, in which once a week I will post tools and encouragements based on that topic. So look for those that you may find useful such as Stress, Overcoming Winter Blues, Goal Setting, Relationships, and several more, well 8 more this year to be exact. LOL And I will offer sales on coaching packages concerning the topic of that month. ‘Cause let’s face it, everything is better on sale. That’s how I feel anyway. Especially if I get clothes on sale! Love that, I just got the cutest sweatshirt the other day for $8, seriously does it get any better…anyway, as I rope my brain back in. I am excited! Right now I do have the “Resolve” Package available for the month of January. Not about making a resolution that you might keep, but about “a firm course of ACTION, to get you exactly where you want to go, no backing down. Setting up steps that are realistic and possible! It’s a series that is as short or as long as you want it to be…well, kinda up to 4 sessions included in the special package price. LOL Announcements on upcoming month topics coming soon. I feel I have been rambling long enough.

promo pics
Hope everyone’s New Year is off to a great start!!!
Don’t forget to check out my upcoming workshop 4 steps to confidence, January 14th. It’ll be a good time full of laughs, snacks and a few tools I PROMISE anyone can use!


Happy New Year Everyone!