Super Z update

No Frills tonight.  Just facts.  After much prayer, Jake and I have decided to simply wait until January scans.  The surgeon said he won’t let the cyst get much bigger…It will have to be drained.  The decision ahead of us now is deciding to put a port in his brain or have the doctor drain the cyst and try once again to get some of the tumor.  We don’t know what to expect.  As far as the other tumor on the other side of his brain we are trusting that God will show up when the time comes to make a decision on chemo.  Both Jake and I are trying hard to avoid that route however, there are a couple things we will be talking to the oncologist about as far as a pill Zayne could take.  I will give you more info on that when I get it.  As for now we are trusting that Zayne will have a great month, enjoy Christmas and hopefully get some results in January!!  Thankyou as always for all the prayers, encouraging notes, gifts and support that seems to be endless!!  Many people have asked for more Z-shirts.  My friend will have a post on that soon.  Or email for more information. We hope to bring good news home in January!!!