Happy Holidays

Well, Happy Holidays from the Misguided sisters.

I hope you all are enjoying yourselves as much as we are. I personally LOVE Christmas break. It’s filled with family, pj’s, movie nights, game nights, sappy Christmas movies, tons of junk food, tons of love and tons of laughs. Sometimes I just sit on my bed listening to the activity of the kids and their friends bustling about the house. I love to hear them having fun with their friends all laughing and playing together. I think if I were asked, my favorite part of Christmas break, is me in my jammies with coffee in hand, listening to the kids laugh and play. They are all old enough now that no one requires much assistance at all so I am not hustling about to keep the floor clean enough that a baby isn’t eating off it. Now if they eat off the floor…well, that is on them! I don’t have to fix anybody a meal, although I did make pan cakes for everyone this morning, but if I didn’t they would scrounge up some sort of meal to get fed. And as a bonus, they drop much less on the floor than they used to, still could improve, but tons better. I must admit, it is a bit weird for me to have reached this stage. All 4 of my kids are pretty independent, and I now just soak them up. I soak up every hug, every snuggle, every laugh. I remember thinking that I would be changing diapers forever!!!! And now here I am, in my jammies, coffee in hand and nobody’s butt to wipe. lol

As a breathe in a sigh that somehow misses all that chaos. I also breathe in the joy that rests in this very moment of relaxation accompanied by pride and comfort in my adorable little family.
So Happy Holiday’s to all of you! Soak up your babies in whatever stage they may be in, it only lasts a moment. And just maybe you can sit with a cup of coffee in hand and listen to them laugh! It’s the best!!!! May you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.