Super Z got a haircut!!

Well….big Z got a haircut. I would say I’m excited but frankly I’m never cutting it again. I don’t know what I was thinking, besides the fact that he was has been begging me for the past few months to cut it. So today Ayden went in to get his done and Zayne wanted to wear blue gel and spike it up so bad.


I thought well with him going to school and starting a new chapter maybe it’s time. SO we did….and I needed a paper bag by the time we were done :/ I drove home looking at him and wanting to cry. Made it to my sisters that afternoon and shocked the all. He loves it!!! I am still stuggling and wondering why I decided to let him do it the week before school and 2 weeks before the MRI….like I need anything else to try and work through but…..he LOVES it!!





I guess that’s what I need to focus on!!  And besides look how cute he is!!