We wait… Super Z update Texas

Well….in the world of Zayne…EVERYTHING is upside down. I promise to have all the TX stories on the blog but I just wanted to update everyone and let you guys know whats going on. The MRI came back from this morning and the cyst is just as big as it was before the first brain surgery. And the tumor…well…basically every thing the doctor cut out while he was in his head last time has grown back unfortunately. Jake and I sat in that little room and were speechless and somewhat defeated with all the bad news. The doctor feels because his symptoms are not as bad as they were we should wait 2 months before doing surgery. We will have another MRI at the beginning of September and go from there. However, if he starts to have headaches we will call and get the soonest appt for surgery. God has really been challengeing my faith this time and I am beyond grateful and simply in awe of the amazing friends He blessed me with. I no sooner texted a group of friends from my church to pray and there wasn’t a hesitation with one of them. I could feel their strength. I can’t wait to share the whole story with all of you. For now, we wait with Mr. Z. I keep telling God He better have the nice bug come and bite Zayne… 🙂 But I have to say we get to enjoy the rest of the summer without having to worry about taking Z to the ER, or worrying about the new port in his brain. And we are going to try and keep out focus on “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.” Proverbs. My personal goal is to “Be still and KNOW that He is God.” Thankyou….to everyone who put their cities up and extended prayer to us!! Also to those that have given on GO FUND ME….please do not feel like it was in vain. It will be saved for our next trip down to TX and maybe a surgery in the future. The surgeon said if things keep getting bigger in Zayne’s head we will have no choice but to do another brain surgery. Stories to come….I know I say that all the time but now that I feel a little more sanity coming to my life I’ll get them done.