Super Z update

Super Z Update

Well we have been communicating A LOT with the doctors this week. I will sum it up as best I can. The tumor has not grown, so this is good, the cyst, however is back to the size it was before his brain surgery. I have already noticed the same behavioral shifts. As my sister would say, “We thougth Zayne was naturally grumpy until after brain surgery”. His happy go lucky attitude has slowly shifted this past month, which concerned me.
The Neuro Surgeon said they would put something into his brain which is essentially like a port. It will be hooked to the cyst and will have an accessible part right under his skin on his head. It will be just like his port for chemo except obviously they would access the port in his head to drain the cyst. I’m not thrilled about having another port in my kids body. This means every time he gets a fever we would still have to go to Devoss  However, I am trying very hard to look and see Gods amazing plan with this. I keep dragging my mind back to the present moment telling myself not to think about how long this would have to be in his head. The plan as of now is to go down to Texas for pre-op visits July 1st. The surgery will be some time the next week. Thank goodness my in-laws live about an hour from the hospital so we would just stay with them over the 4th and not have to buy 2 sets of plane tickets.
I am trying to be hopeful. Today it hit me that they were actually gonna cut open my kids head again…we would go through the waiting again. They wouldn’t just be draining something they would be inserting something. I am TRYING. My hardest. I can see how this COULD be good….but on the other hand it was hard enough knowing the tumor was in there. Again…..I’m trying.
I’m not going to take you all on the roller coaster of my thoughts this time, just wanted to let everyone know the logistics of what is going on. Please know how amazing you all are to me!! Going to Ayden’s game was nice! Seeing people I knew and enjoyed talking to!! I LOVE the moms of the boys on the team!! All of them are so encouraging to all the boys 